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**First Time~*^^

ok, so me and my friend decided about a month or so ago we wanted to try shrooms.

ok, so me and my friend decided about a month or so ago we wanted to try shrooms. We live in CT and it was winter time and everyone we asked couldnt seem to get a hold of any. Then a kid we knew from school went up to vermont one weekend and came back with about a half oz of them. i dont know what kind they were or nething but i figured that didnt matter since neither of us tripped before. the kid we got them from did them when he was i vermont and he sed his trip was great. so we were pretty pumped. we planned to do them on a thursday night cuz friday was good friday--so after school we got ready and smoked a couple bowls and got some pizza. but we realized we didnt have anywhere to go, and we ended up eating them in his basement with his dad upstairs...
not really a good idea- but good thing his dad had surgery that day so he was pretty much out of commission..anyway we had an 8th a piece, he ate his whole 8th but i was skeptical and only ate a little more than 1/2 of it---we turned on super troppers and begin watching it. about a half hour after we ate them i noticed all brighter colors were popping out at me like i was wearing 3d glasses. slowly but surely they kicked in more intensely, and before we knew it we couldnt stop laughing. then things started getting really weird, it appeared that there was a gridding plane in front of everything i was looking at. i looked at my hands and saw centipedes and bugs crawling under my skin--then i looked at my foot and it looked like a wet noodle. the lights were off in the basement and i looked at my friend whjo had a look of amazement on his face- and i swear to god he looked like the devil. this freakd me out- and then i looked at his dog next to him who was looking right at us and wouldnt leave us alone cuz she wanted the fucing pizza- and she just freaked me out. i then looked at this popster of kozmo kramer and it looked like another demon was behind himlaughing at me. i was just like wtf!? we decided to go outside and the stars wre the most amazing thing i had ever seen. trees looked like they do in cartoons, all scary and shit with faces and whatnot. i called my girlfriend and told her i should have listened to her and not done them and i didnt wanna triop anymore but she convinced me that there was nothing i could do about it now and i needed to relax and just try to enjoy them. we then went back inside and went to his room and couldnt move. i looked outside and it looked like neverland from the movie hook. i looked at my eyes and my pupils were about the size of 2 golf balls. i then just thought of the most fucked up shit ever and began to cry- i know im a pussy but whatever. i started comin down after about 3 hours, and at the time i thoguth to myself im never doing any drug again, but today( 6 days later) i still smoke and i want to shroom again, the right way. i recommend anyone who wants to try them to do it at lest once, and go into it with a good mindset.

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