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My First Psychedelic Experiance


Okay so first I'll start out with a little background info. I have been smoking weed for a little over a year and a half, and up until last night I had only smoked weed, occasionally drank, and taken MDMA at a rave and loved it, but ever since I started experimenting with drugs I had also really wanted to trip, but have been too nervous to really seek them out and try them.

But that all changed when a bunch of shrooms came around my area last week and everyone was talking about them. I figured now was the right time to go ahead and give tripping a shot. So, after I got out of work I spent the 25 dollars I had earned in tips on 2 grams of gold caps. I walked to the dealers house with my two best friends Dave and Brandon. After acquiring our shrooms we all agreed to eat half our bags on the walk back to Dave's house, where we planned on tripping for the night. As I walked down the street I looked into my bag, and saw one large stalk, and another medium sized mushroom with a cap, this was my 2 grams. Both Brandon and Dave had prior experiance tripping so they bought an 8th each. I decided to eat the stalk first, and popped it into my mouth. As I started chewing it the taste was pretty interesting, but still pretty unpleasant. I chewed it for as long as it felt natural and then as I went to swallow it my gag reflex worked up and I coughed/gagged. I managed not to loose anything though and I swallowed. As we continued to walk along we decided to dip into some wooded area and smoke a joint. I began to contemplate what tripping was going to be like and my nervousness was met with anticipation and excitement. I enjoyed the nice buzz I got off the joint as we walked back to Dave's. Once we arrived we imediatly went down to Dave's basement and decided to watch a movie on his rather large wall mounted TV. The movie we decided to watch was Rango. Now, this movie itself is very very trippy, it even has a brief cameo of the two guys from fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. ABout half way through none of us were really feeling anything so we decided to go upstairs and make something to eat and finish our shroom. Dave and Brandon made PBJ sandwhiches, and I made a bowl of chilli. I broke up my last shroom with the cap into the chilli and mixed it up. We went back downstairs to finish the movie and eat our food. The chilli was fantastic and it was impossible to tell the mushrooms were even in there at all, so I made sure to eat every last bite to make sure I got them all. We also each had a glass of OJ, and I licked the inside of my bag as I was told that some poison could get stuck to the bag and I wanted to get every last bit I could. By the end of the movie I still wasn't feeling much of anything, but Dave and Brandon couldn't stop talking about how fucked up they felt. Eventually we started to rip bowls right n the middle of the basement, something that is not usually done. As we were ripping, I found almost everything to be very goofy. Dave and I kept singing the theme to Rango in corny mexican accents, and laughed. As i lit the bowl the flame burning the weed looked crazy, and this is when I knew that my trip was starting. I looked into the bottom of my empty glass and saw a swirling orange circle at the bottom, and I was instantly fascinated. After a bit I began to get up and walk around, saying that I felt like the Tv was a window to another world, and I felt as if I could reach through it. Brandon began to combine some of our weed with tobacco from a broken up cig and rolled two nice spliffs. Dave and I started talking in Jamaican accents about "Smoking spleefs mon!" and "We gon be dooin beeg teengs!". This was fucking halarious to me and we all ventured out into the cold dark night.

This is where things got bad. As we walked down the street puffing on our spliffs, everything was fine. Goodvibes all around as each of us were well into our trips. Wlking along the street I stared up into the sky and looked at the moon, which had a large glowing ring surrounfing it. I menioned this to Dave and Brandon, who saw it also. I still can't figure out if this is due to the dialation our pupils, a halucination, or some some weird reaosn there was a ring of light surrounding the moon. As we reached the end of the road I leaned against a street sign and handed the spliff to Dave, who then told me it was Brandons hit, so I then passed it to him. As I did this, I watched Dave stumble for 4 or 5 steps and fall directly into his head, smacking the top right side of his head directly into the street, rendering him unconcious. I was instantly horrified and sat down, holding my head and repeating "Holy shit this isn't happening, holy shit this is not happening." Dave's eyes rolled into the back of his head and he began to make odd noises, and I assumed he was dying. Brandon assured me he just fell over and he would be all right. About 30 seconds or so, even though it felt like an enternity, Dave slowly stood up with the craziest face I have ever seen. I began to ask him how he was feeling, and i recieved no reply, as he slowly started stumbling back towards his house. As I followed him Brandon lagged behind and sat down in some random persons front yard, and yelled to me saying we had to stop and wait for him because it was safer over their in the lawn, but Dave wouldnt stop and I had to make sure he didn't fall over again. I told him he hit his head and he automatically denied it. I tried to reassure him that he did, but he still denied it, not remebering what was happening. Once back into his house, we both booked it to the basment, where I collapsed onto the couch and hugged a pillow until Brandon returned. Once he did we began to try and make sure that Dave was okay, but at this point his memory was so far gone he couldn't even remember that we dropped shrooms. Brandon woke up Dave's sister, who was sober but has had experiance tripping before. She talked to him and us, although none of us made much sense at all, although I had the best grasp on the situatuon considering I ate the least amount. She assured us he just had to sleep it off and took him off to bed, leaving Brandon and I in the basement to finish our trip alone. This is when I peaked. I layed down on the couch and suddenly felt as if it had elevated itself to the point that I was almost touching the ceiling. The TV was strecthing the length of the wall, and out of my peripheral vision the walls around me were flashing purple, orange, red, pink. I talked to Brandon about what I was seeing and feeling and he did the same. We watched the Chappel Show, and a lot of late night stand up. As I was watching TV I saw tracers behind eveything moving, colors where changing, etc. Tv started to get boring so I layed down and rubbed the shag carpet and watched it change colors just as the wall did, as well as stare into my own relflection in the mirror on the wall. My face was so interesting, I looked at myself for a good while and slowly felt as if I was growing to the size of a giant. I sat back down on the couch and began to loose myself in deep thought. The epiphanies I had last night are something I can not really put into words, but I feel like I figured everything out. I was amazed at how simple things are, what life was,and the thought of alternate demensions, and if I was in one right now. At this point Brandon had began to doze off, and I slowly came down. I craved weed really hard on my come down as I started to feel anxious. I couldn't stop moving my legs and falling asleep was pretty difficult because I was getting cold/hot flashes and just felt a little weirrd all around, but I was bummed out that my trip was coming to an end.

I did eventualy fall asleep, and after waking up Brandon and I woke up Dave and he said he remebered everything except for actually hitting his head, which was a releif. We walked around outside and recounted the events for him to help him try and remember, Throughout the course of the day almost everything came back to him, even bits that he did not remember in the morning. Over all my mind was blown open and expanded. I am now fascinated with psy's and I look forward to tripping again.

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