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Rejoice :)

my trips give their reports their own titles

This is the second time eating shrooms. My first trip was called "nomenclature"  these words just stand out during the trips and I figure it is best to use them for the titles. Last time I tripped I was alone.  My other two friends had bummed some shroomies off me and I told them that I would trip sit them since my first time was a little difficult. The one friend took his time and absorbed it fairly well and was able to watch some colorful videos and listen to music and look at the sky etc... The other friend was withdrawn, seemed like he was unsure what to do with the things he was feeling (sorta like me my first time).....anywayz so it was the second friend and me... we will just call him S.

So  S and I had done shrooms once before... I still recommended that we stick with the 2g dose. (i know 2g is not much but due to our exp. I feel it was level 2) I feel that we were mostly exited in a good way to do them... and so we downed 2g a piece and we were just fine for like an hour or so... we walked to his neighbors house to chit chat... this was the point were we both started feeling a little something. (for me the begining stages are uneasy feeling) I begin to feel "figity" like "i dont know what to do next" feeling. I am real anxious at this point like I  feel my heart race a little and I feel somewhat bad but I am mostly aware that it is a temporary sensation so I am able to make it through it. My friend must have ate more food than me that day since it took him longer for it to hit him... but he had also done HBWR with me and it took HOURS before he was effected (dont do HBWR seeds kids ugh). So my friend S was talking to his nieghbor and I begin to feel really anxious and figity so I know that "my space ship is taking off" I tell S that I am getting into it and he chuckles and continues to talk... at this point it feels like he is talking to his nieghbor at 100 MPH I feel like my head will pop off if he does not slow down so I calmly tap him and tell him nervously to calm down that he is making my mind race... he does to his credit attempt to slow down (which was still to fast but made me feel better)  I then start feeling the edge coming off and I felt the "at ease" part coming and I was relieved so I instantly got better feeling and started talking to his nieghbor.. then he seemed to start feeling the effects. S was telling me to be quiet and I told him "see that is what I felt like a minute ago"  No major effects in the neighbors home but I did notice that a childs table he had with cinderella on it looked very vivid and her dress seemed more 3D...

We did leave his house and returned a time or two more (walking distance btw lol) I remember that I sit down in a chair and looked at the stars... and S was still a little anxious throughout the begining stages I was sittin in the chair looking up like "AHHHHhhhh" and just absorbing the stars and I tell him "come on over man, hop on in my spaceship" (their were 2 chairs side by side) I was trying to get him to enjoy himself  lol he was like "well I just dont want the nieghbors to find out" it was dark and noone was outside.

I looked at the stars at S's house too... they were very interesting in that when you normally look at stars you may see "connect the dot patterns" I did not see simple connect the dot patterns... my mind was operating at such a frequency that I could see complex designs in the stars... best to describe as sorta the way lace looks... like a lace bra/lingere... then I looked at one group and was able to see the face of jesus christ(exactly like the face on the shroud of tarpin or whatever its called) I remember closing my eyes and imagining that I was not there... not that I just was not there but that I had been entirely erased from reality ... that was neat 

one of the times that we had returned to his neighbors house his wife was in the kitchen....and to both of us she came off as being cold or angry or something and we asked her if we were bothering her and she says no that we were ok... we still felt like we were getting on her nerves ( you will notice that shrooms make your perseption of others emotions more intense)

We watched some videos on the internet..(trippy stuff lol) I remember one of them was like these rolling purple and yellow blobs and they were seeming to make shapes that both me and him were seeing .... we were seeing beautiful women....and then the occasional jimi hendrix... which is funny since me nor him really listen to hendrix (ikr lol) we were seeing the same thing which I thought was neat...(we would immediately change the videos that gave us any bad vibes etc..) I remember I told him that we should listen to a band called the byrds (do not know who the byrds are LOL) but I knew the song.... "turn turn"? so odd..  We were on the couch and S was saying that he wanted to play "little big planet cause it seemed trippy" and so he does and he was staring at this loading screen and  then the screen makes a sudden move with a lot of light changes and sorta goes down a tunnel.... LMAO I watched him look at it in the most awe inspiring face.. like it was the most amazing thing he had seen in his life... then he literally drops his controller and says... "that is amazing!" lmao but he was dead serious...

Before I forget I kept telling S that it will be ok, to not be so nervous and I said to him what a man on the chat on this site told me.... he said "when those warm fuzzy feelings come, REJOICE" that seemed to be the best info I could give him.... he did not like the phrase for some reason.... hes like "stop saying that" lol which made no sense to me.  

I remember that we were watching the beatles on the internet ..and they were playing glass onion I think... but i remember seeing vivid images with my eyes closed I was seeing john lennon playing guitar.... and i was seeing myself playing air guitar so I did so in real life.... while my eyes are closed I made the assumption that S should be doing air guitar too....and with his eyes closed....I opened my eyes and he was there with his eyes closed playing air guitar... then i told him how neat that was.

I am sure I am forgeting something but It was over all a great experience... better than my first hoping to do it with this girl this weekend lol ;)

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