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I could taste noise

This is my recount of one of the craziest nights of my life so far, or as much of it as I can remember.

Before this experience, Id done shrooms at least 40 times, so I knew what to expect.  (at least, I thought I did)

Earlier that day, Id gone out and picked roughly 80 shrooms from the lake down the road from my house and told my parents I was staying at a friends place for the night.

In a moment of suicidal recklessness, I decided to have 50 or so of the freshly picked, highly potent shrooms. (with the ones that grow here, you usually only need 15 to have a hard trip, Im tiny).

I gave the other 30 to my mate, (I%u2019ll call him R), and we both ate them all fresh (tasted like mud)

Within 10 minutes, I already felt the %u2018coming up%u2019 feeling, and visuals were starting to get brighter, and more %u2018cartoonish%u2019.

I kept coming up rapidly, and within 40 minutes, the walls were breathing, the couch was as soft as water, and noised seemed far away. So far, just a normal mushie trip.

My mate put on a cd and the music literally %u2018pulsed%u2019 through me, taking away all my worries and actually turning me into the music.  That%u2019s the only way I can explain it.

After an hour, suffice to say I was tripping balls.  My mate was pretty fucked up too, but nowhere near to the extent I was.

We decided to go for a walk (BAD IDEA).  As we walked, I realized I could taste the sky and see the sound of the grass (I know it doesnt make sense, but I could).  As we walked, we met up with another mate (G), and we all decided to go for a walk to R%u2019s house.

Then It got crazy.  As we walked to R%u2019s place, the shrooms peaked and hit me like a ton of bricks.

It was sensory chaos.  I could smell words, fences were dancing, my hat was folding into triangles, signs were pulling cartwheels, and my nose started bleeding invisible rainbows.  And I cant describe the mindfuck I felt.  I felt as if I was trapped in my mind, dying and being reborn with every breath.

The sky was wrapping around me, suffocating me and robbing me of oxygen.

I felt that I%u2019d lived my life, and as a result of living a bad life, had to live it again forever.  I truly believed I was I hell.

I was screaming at G that I didn%u2019t want to die, and to save me.

My mate G asked me if I was ok, and all I could say was %u2018uhhhhhh%u2019

In a nutshell, I was gone.

I kind of blacked out for a few hours after this, but I remember asking G a million times if I was dead, %u2018throwing%u2019 air at R, falling off a fence, and crying because my life had ended so young.

I came to a few hours later on the ground outside a church, alone and wet, in a state of total delirium.

I%u2019d also pissed myself.

I managed to stand up, and after what was probably an hour,  somehow managed to find my way to R%u2019s house.

After this I finally started coming down, and realised the intensity of the trip I%u2019d just had.

I looked in mirror and my eyes were HUGE, I had no iris at all, just a giant pupil.

My eyes stayed dilated for the next two days, even after I%u2019d sobered up.

It was the weirdest night ever, and I don%u2019t think id ever take that many mushies again, the sensory overload and complete delirium I felt was just too scary.

Sorry about the shiity report btw, Im not good at this kinda stuff :P

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