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My Girlfriend's first time


I had been persuading my girlfriend of almost 4 months to try shrooms with me, this past weekend she took the challenge and entered with me in the unknown reality. After going after the shrooms, we planned to start our day with a good breakfast and then taking a trip to a near by park in the northeast part of the country, surprisingly the day was perfect for a hike or just to be outside. As soon as we got there, we shared an eight, we covered our stinky stuff with nutella making much easier to swallow and taste the goodies. I'd suggest if you wanna introduce psychedelics to somebody that you care, start off with a low dose, chances this person will like are higher if the trip is pleasant. After walking around the park for an hour and finding a perfect spot to sit down and relax, visuals start to pleasantly illustrate our vision. We sat right in front of a big lake with trees all around us, the feeling of connectedness became strong as she realized how amazing it is to see nature breathing. She said she could feel my energy and our bodies next to each other felt as if we were suppose to be there doing that at that exactly day and time.  

My visuals were probably the coolest I've ever had. I felt the clouds were trying to communicate with me by showing off different drawings of geometrical patterns, what I recall best is the face of those rock structures in Polynesia, big masks looking down to earth. A big sun with multiple layers also was very vivid. When I closed my eyes, various Egyptian figures came to mind such as pyramids, those figures of half animal (birds) and half human, amazing colorful faces of "gods" gave me a sense that we are all gods unaware of our potential. My girlfriend made me laugh so hard pointing out peculiar behaviors by people coming and going around us. One thing is for sure, dogs can totally feel if you are tripping, we had 5 or 6 dogs coming towards us, I could see on their faces "I know what you all doing motherfuckers hahaha", but the funniest part is how similar dogs are to their owners. Oh my god, I knew that was true, but while tripping we saw the most bizarre combinations of dogs and owners. 

This time emotions were very hard to control, mixed feelings were rushing through us. I felt a positive feeling from my girlfriend as she was absolutely loving what was happening to us. This time, I could definitely feel information being captured by mind, or antenna, as random thoughts coming as fast as it could made a lot of sense. It was hard to keep a straight thought since there was so much to think about. I strongly felt how disconnected our civilization is from nature, how society (or social institutions) don't wanna see the potential of psychedelics. People are scared of the truth so all it's done is judgment towards others. We have been conditioned to believe that whatever society establishes is always right and beneficial for us. 

The lake whereby we were sitting became so bright and beautiful that it's hard to describe. The reflex was so intense that we could perfectly see the design of the trees and how perfect nature is. We had a bless talking, laughing and sharing all thoughts coming to mind. I could see on my gf's face that she has so much power/influence/potential and that that trip was going to help her to develop as a mature adult and human being.  

It's insane how therapeutic a trip can be, on the same day I got in contact with a lot of friends that I hadn't talk to in a while. I called my mother I said how much I loved her. I reflected on how can I further investigate what the psychedelic experience is, how can it be revolutionary on our current stage of massive confusion.

My gf was the first person I personally introduced to psychedelics, I think I did a good job and I hope others will do the same, introduce this marvelous opportunity to those who deserve, and most importantly to those who are ready to accept it.

Peace for all.

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