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My first trip


Staying in Belgium with my girlfriend, we took the train to Amsterdam for the day. Apart from enjoying the coffee shops, we purchased a 15 gram box of 'Dragon's Dynamite' truffles for 20 euros, and brought it back with us to eat later. The next morning we awoke, and for breakfast we halved the truffles, 7.5g each and chowed them down with a slice of space cake. The smell and taste was rather unpleasant, albeit it is said that sugar decreases the potency of psilocybin I insisted on eating it with cake as I couldn't handle the bad taste of truffles. So we waited, roughly half an hour later my body felt a little heavy, yet I assumed this was just the effects of the cake, I was unsatisfied. We roll a joint, and smoke to pass sometime. Whilst doing so, I noticed I began to ponder deeply about life and existence, yet again assumed it was just the weed. After another 15 minutes or so, it kicked in.  At first we had bouts of uncontrollable gut laughter that i couldn't control and knew was not possible from weed. My body began to feel light as a feather, but my head felt heavy as though somebody had hit me with a bat. Sitting on the couch, I began to have deep insight into my life and my surroundings. It's difficult to explain, but I somehow felt connected to all the atoms in the room as though i could feel an invisible energy force, I felt I myself was just an atom and was a part of the universe. These profound thoughts came in waves to me, I would have moments where I was convinced my mind was straight and I was sober, only to get another wave of insight, a deep thought. Next came the auditory hallucinations, yet very mild, I heard my voice echo a few times briefly. The extent of the visuals was a trailing effect, when I waved my hands about they seemed to shadow themselves, and every time my girlfriend would move her head about it would seem as though her image was imprinted into the air, not unlike a slow motion effect. Then, when looking up at the ceiling corners, I noticed very faint swirls, yet not for long. Our trip lasted for roughly 4-5 hours, and I was quite satisfied at the end of it. So I ventured back to Amsterdam to obtain more truffles and a couple of growkits. I like mushrooms!

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