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6 hits Alone

Most intese tripp i had

 This was the first time i was able to get my hands on some LSD after long months of serchin. I had done extensive research and was prepared to go completely out of mind and I did..........(probably not the smartest thing). So as soon as it was in my hands 3 were in my mouth. I had given the guy driving a hit and told him to save it. Well this guy got the bright idea to eat one and go to work in a restaurant. We had about a 20 min ride and after about 10 mins getting to my house, and hitting the bong, i was tripping balls. The guy who went to work called me like "omg this shit is insane" . I can only remember the conversation ending quickly and i ended up turning off my phone.Then i decided to eat another one right after the convo ended. I tried to do all sorts of things to occupy myself, but no matter what I couldnt acclimate my self to the tripp, but for some reasong i ate one more. So i called up some friends and no one came through. So i was running all over my house freaking out (5 hits at this point) cuz i was bored.I felt like my skin was melting off at times, or like i wanted to rip my hair out. Eventually a room mate came home and i convinced him to take me one a ride finally i sarted feeling more acclimated an hr or so into i just needed to leave that house for a little bit. Then i just kinda chilled for a little smoked some ganj and relaxed trippin balls. The effects started waiting off, at this point i wasnt goin to sleep anytime soon so i ate a 6th one. I watched Dark Side of Oz and really enjoyed it along with some drawing. Eventually I fell asleep but was definitely zombified for a few days.

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