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First time 1/8 of B+


So, it was my first time ever tripping in my life.  My friend who's name will be DD decided we should both take an 1/8 for our dose.  He had tripped a couple of times unlike me who had never tripped bf except smoking bud and drinking, my experiences had not gone very far.  We started our adventure in my parents house and i decided I wanted to only take half an 1/8 since other friends of mine warned me i should take it easy the first time.  DD kept urging me to take all of it but i ignored him and only took what i thought was comfortable since I had never done this.  We walked down my driveway and were headed toward the local lake which was about a mile and a half away.  before making it all the way down the driveway, DD somehow pressured me into taking the other half, so not even 5 mins after I ingested the first half of the 1/8, i then  took the other half.  This was around 8am, and NOW we were making our way to the lake.  around 830- 845 we were almost at the lake and all i felt at this point was a body buzz.  I thought to my "This is it, this is what everyone is obsessing over!?"  I began to become skeptical on whether these mushrooms were even good quality.  WOW, I WAS WRONG!  not even a few minutes after I started believing these mushrooms werent going to do anything, I went from seeing NOTHING to seeing everything completely change right before my eyes.  It was crazy how the trees were morphing and changing colors, the black sidewalk suddenly became the color of a rainbow.  The grass was breathing, and without really noticing bf, i finally realized we stopped dead in our tracks and were sitting on the grass just off the sidewalk since we became completely overwhelmed with hallucinations. I began to feel guilty sitting on the grass, believing I was suffocating it since i noticed it was trying to breathe, so i quickly jumped up and stood on the sidewalk and apologized to the grass.  Now DD and I are out in public (both wearing sunglasses so nobody could see our overly dilated eyes) and DD began saying "im gonna puke"  then a second later said "im fine".. and then again he repeated "im gonna puke"  and then again "im fine".. he must have repeated this to me at least a dozen times.  Not only did this become EXTREMELY annoying, but started to freak me out and began making this happy amazing feeling of tripping start to become very negative.  I started freaking out in my head thinking, were out in public, ppl are going to know were fucked up, Im not comfortable being here, lets go back to my parents house.  So i told DD that I wanted to go back to my parents and he still we repeating he was gonna puke.. well... he finally did... Now I was really worried that we were going to get arrested.  After he stopped throwing up, I quickly urged him to start following me.  As he started to follow me, he began to wander off the sidewalk and towards the pond about ten feet from the sidewalk.  This was a man made pond with a fountain in the middle.  It looked very trippy to look at, but unfortunately for me DD wanted to go swimming into it, so i had to grab him and prevent him from going in and getting us arrested.  At this point I am extremely annoyed with DD.  He had tripped before and I was the one babysitting his ass, WHAT A BUZZ KILL! 

I didnt realize this about him before i tripped with him but he was a pathological liar and has some severe mental issues.  unlucky for me the mushrooms brought out his mental problems (had i know this, i would have not only not tripped with him, but not been his friend either).  Anyways we heading back to my parents house (nobody was home, just me for the weekend) and we came across a crosswalk on a VERY busy street.  I was freaking out thinking i wasnt going to be able to tell whether I was crossing when I was supposed to or see the wrong color when the light changes since colors completely change on this drug.  We were fine though, we just sprinted across the crosswalk  like to madmen and as we came across, I noticed a parking lot right in front of us.  As I stood there, the cars in front of me went from being 5 feet from me to what seemed like 100 feet in front of.  I dont know if any of you have seen the 1st poltergeist when the mom walks up the stairs and the door at the end of the hallway just keeps getting further and further away from her, well, this is what happened to me lol. 

After we Finally finish our venture from the lake into my parents house, this is where everything became crazy.  It was like entering into a cartoon.  Everything in the house was moving and changing colors, nothing looked the same at all.  I honestly didnt even recognize it as my parents house anymore, I was completely lost inside my own house.  I dont have everything put down in order but, from what I can remember I believe DD and I put on the tv and Spiderman 2 was the big screen.  I actually wanted to turn it off bc spiderman was popping out of the screen and I felt like i was swinging on the rope/webs with him.  I became extremely nausiated and wanted to shut the tv off.  Unfortunately performing the simplist task was now like rocket science to me.  I sat there for probably 10 mins (which seemed like an enternity) and gathered what little brain function i had left of the real world and finally shut the damn tv off. Once I did this the uncomfortable stomach feeling slowly began to dissipate.  I remember DD and I became one with the couch.  My arms and legs were inside the couch.  I looked like an amphibian adapting to his environment.  It was the most amazing this I had ever seen. The only way i can use a comparison is if you have ever seen the movie HULK.  When Nick Nolte hand becomes part of the metal when touched it, well thats exactly how this was but with my entire body. The room was pixelated in squares like a bad PS1 game, then in triangles. As i looked over to my friend, he looked so animated, at first it seemed like his face was upside down, I dont really know anyother way to describe it other than if you were to look at someone upside down, there forehead and eyes would look like my friends did at this moment.  He looked like a troll almost and his face was changing colors.  Then something weird happen, Only for about a minute, a Ferry about the size of tinkerbell was floating over DDs head, sprinkled some ferry dust over him, and then flew away.  Have no idea what the significance of her presence was, but thats what I saw.  At this point I had NO IDEA what time it was, and this is wen everything got really bad.  DD started to trip out telling me he was freaking out and he just couldnt calm down, so i urged him to go into another room and just get away from me.  At this point I only saw him as a negative energy and needed him to get away.  So he went downstairs as I remained on the middle floor.  I stared at my hand, then again at the giant window.  Directly in front of the window was a fake plant.  It began morphing like crazy, as I stared at the plant I noticed that outside it became dark like it was nighttime, then all of a sudden it was daytime again.  The whole family room flashed over like day and night.  I had no idea whether it was night or day anymore.  I decided ill see what time it is since i cant tell by looking outside.  But when i checked the clock. it only read roman numerals, or some type of language i had never seen bf.  At one point I swear the clock read 5pm, which in turn freaked me out bc that meant I had been tripping for 8 hrs and was still peaking!!  then i glanced at it again and it was 11:15, the 12,  then all of a sudden the clock scrolled through the time like the time was being adjusted.  Now it was back to reading hyroglyphics.  At this point i decided Im going to stop torturing myself and just let it go.  I was freaking myself out bc I had to drive back to school, which my college at the time was about a 4 in a half hour drive from my parents, not to mention i had to pick up two ppl on the way to join me on the trip back to school.. i decided "oh well, they r just going to have to wait".  So now I wandering around the family room and Im completely lost in my own mind. I left my body for sometime and went somewhere else.. I wasnt there very long, but whereever I was seemed like being stuck in the universe, nothing but blackness and stars.  I wasnt sure whether to be scared or whether I should just go with it..  Finally i returned back to my body and started thinking.. how long is this gonna last.. is this going to last forever?  Then i thought, what if this never ends and my life is nothing but being stuck in a piccasso painting.  I was really trippin out at this point...I was finding it extremely hard to calm down.  My thoughts were so out there minutes felt like DAYS, I couldnt grasp time what so ever.  I thought to myself, what is the point of society, what is the point of money, or houses.  Why dont we all live in the forest like we once did in the stone age.  I couldnt get past this thought.  I realized I had uncovered the truth to life and I was living in a lie.  I was only living by the standards that man created in this fake society, not by what I truly felt I could be.  Once I moved on past this realization and stopped freaking out about whether or not this reality will ever end, I finally gathered myself once again, and then went back to sitting on the couch.  I stared at my hand for what seemed like a lifetime.  Anyone who has tripped bf knows how interesting your hand can become.. but after sitting there for a while I heard a big "BANG".  I wasnt sure whether I was hallucinating this or whether this really happened.  As I sat there I continued to sit there and ignore the sound i heard earlier and once again went back to staring at my hand. It looked transparent and had a the "rivers flowing through it" effect to it.  Then it happened again "BANG!" I decided at this point that I wasnt hallucinating the sound and it was actually happening.  It was coming from my parents bedroom.  I made my way up the stairway and open the door to their bedroom.  To my surprise I unfortunately walked into my parents room seeing that their bed mattress was off the bed frame, clothes were scattered EVERYWHERE, blankets and sheets all over the room, and DD Standing in front of me completely naked.  I yelled to him "What the Fuck are you doing!"  his only response was "My clothes are eating me!"  so i freak the fuck bc at this point I am still trippin really hard.  He eventually puts on his boxers and I tell him to get outta my parents room.  We make our way down the stairs and then he says "I feel bad man, Im going back up there."  At this point I am so pissed of I tell him not to go back up there. And he starts arguing w me and begins to go up there anyways.  I immediately grab him and he course threatens me saying if I touch him again hes gonna kick my ass.  So bf I know it were wrestling on the floor in front of the stairway, me trying to prevent him from further messing up their room.  finally he breaks free and runs up there anyways.  Once Im up there he convinces me we should fix it now.

So now the fun part, NOT...  we must have tried for 30 mins to fix the bed.. didnt work.  we put sheets on backwards.. the pillows on the wrong side of the bed.. folded the blanket the complete wrong way... some how put the mattress on wrong (dont ask me how, we were still trippin pretty hard).. finally i said.. lets just come back to this when were COMPLETELY sober.  He agreed and we went out onto the deck outside (summer time), pulled up some lawn chairs and sipped out of our water bottles for at least an hour to and hour in a half.  At one point I said "alright, the trip is finally over"  i stood up, stared at the sky and the trees above and noticed a squirrel morph across the trees at what seemed like warp speed.. then i got kinda dizzy and quickly sat down again.  This continued for a while where I thought i was done and then i would notice something or have some type of hallucination.. It was coming in waves, but I was definately starting to come down at this point.  Finally it ended, all that was left of the mushrooms was a slight body buzz and my overly dilated pupils.  Me and DD went up to my parents room, cleaned it all up (they never found out) and bc DD was such a negative energy pretty much the entire time I tripped, I was so depressed about who I was when I was tripping, thinking I was a druggie, my parents are gonna be so disappointed in me, I think I even cried a little during the trip somewhere in there bc I was down about the horrible route I was taking in my life, that I took all of my bud and flushed it down the toilet, broke all my bongs and pipes and decided I was done with all of it.. this only last about two weeks lol, but it was a very INTENSE trip. Life changing.  I am no longer friends with DD anymore, and believe it or not, the mushroom trip had nothing to do with it, though it made me much more careful who i trip with in my future events.  He left the house and went his separate way.  I sat around for an hour and called all of my buddies I was picking up telling them I was going to be a lil late bc the trip lasted longer than I had thought.  By the time everything was completely over it was about 5pm..  So i tripped for about 8-9 hrs.. pretty intense, and pretty long...  As cliche as this may sound, this trip alone made me appreciate nature, and life so much more.  I definitely think way outside the box after this experience .. . Also heres a tip, if you are a first time tripper, dont be stupid like I was and give into peer pressure, Do what you feel is comfortable, and If you feel like you wanted more out of the trip, next time dose more.. the last thing you want to do is get in over your head. Althought I think I would have been fine had my friend not brought the vibe down so much

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