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First DMT Trip

Wow...no really...WOW

Alright so about a year ago I was at a festival with my buddy..lets call him K. We had got a ride down there with another friend, M, who doesn't trip, doesn't even really smoke, but we thought we could try to open her up to the psychedelic world hopefully. I'll just tell you now, it didn't end up happening. 

About 3:00 PM-- So after a couple hours of driving around through back roads trying to find this place, we finally get there. Were all pumped up, ready to roll. The whole ride there K and I were making plans to search for some mushrooms (at the time this is the only psychedelic I had tried. Wait, scratch that, the year before this I was at the same festival when a buddy of mine asked if I wanted to smoke some liquid lsd...now, I don't know if you can smoke lsd, so I'm not even sure if this is what it really was...it tasted like apples on the weed, anyone got any ideas? I tripped like it was asid though....anyway), we had like 60 bucks ready to throw down on what ever we found.

About 5:00 PM-- No luck on anything, K, M and I ended up bumping into an old friend that was selling some asid drops, but at the time we where still looking for our mushrooms.

Maybe 6:00 PM-- Still no mushies, and M is getting a little annoyed that we have just been walking around. At some point in this hour M says she's gonna do something else and wonders off, leaving K and I to search for the magic. We run into a couple friends but still, nothing is to be found.

About 8:00 PM-- M is still missing and its starting to get dark. We haven't found any mushrooms, but I ran into a friend of mine, lets say A, who was selling some moli. I still wasn't sure since I wanted mushrooms but I told him I would find him later. K and I start to worry about M so we go check our campsite. All her stuff is gone, so we just guess she left to sleep in her car. 
All of a sudden we hear all this dubstep coming from up a hill to our left. We finally find the place, and its deserted. The DJ was just setting up so no one was really there. We decided to just chill there for awhile and take a break on the search.

About 9:00 PM-- A couple kids I met the year before wonder up to the music and we chill for a little while. They smoke us out, we smoke them out, its all going ok. One of them mentions they are also looking for mushrooms, and then I remember that  I was offered moli, and I tell them I will help buy some of that for them all. There all happy, ready to go search for my friend A, so I tell them what he looks like and they wonder off.

Like 9:30 PM-- People started to flood the area, attracted to the music. Around this time A comes back up the hill with a friend of his. We hang out for a bit, dance to some music, thats when "the guy" shows up. "The guy" is just some random dude who happens to have everything on him, some dank bud, moli, acid, dmt, everything but mushrooms. So I'm a little bumbed, but A is all over that acid. He buys some and then "the guy" asks him "You ever tried Deemster before?". A says no so "the guy" says he will hook him up. He gave him a little plastic baggy full of this golden powder...I'm not sure how strong it was but "the guy" said it was pretty good. 
So before he actually buys it, A asks if he can have a try of it first. "The guy" says why not and packs a nice bud bowl covered in the magical powder. So at this point I though I was just gonna be watching A take his hit and it was all gonna be ok, but then A asks "the guy" if I can get a hit since I've never tried it. When he said this my heart started to pound a little bit, because I didn't know anything about Dimethyltryptamine. I decided that if I just sucked it in a tiny bit and held the rest in my cheeks that it would all be fine. 
So I take a tiny hit, and as soon as the smoke pasted through my lounges, I felt like this weird feeling in the middle of my four-head. Like a bright light was emitting from the center of it, and then it started to spread all over my body. I felt light, and detached from my body, almost as if I was looking down on all of us. I let out my hit, with a "wow"... that's all that could be said.
I pass the pipe over to K, who also had never tried DMT. He told me later that he didn't even realize that we where actually smoking the dmt, he though it was just a normal bowl. So he takes a fat rip, and I remember him just coughing hard, and giving me this weird look. He also told me later that he had a really scary time. He though he was going to overdose because we kept passing the pipe around and getting higher and higher off of it...

So K didn't have a good time, but I felt different that I ever had. I closed my eyes at one point and I saw pulsing lights. It was like a tunnel stretching inwards for ever, but it was pulsing and warping and changing at once...the only thing I could think of was this must be what a black hole looks like...

So that was my story on my first DMT trip...no mechanical elves, no light beings...I didn't even blast off really, I felt like I was almost about to, like I was hovering in between out there...and in here, in me.
Hopefully next time I get farther out there and I might experience one of these elves.

Oh yeah, funny thing about M. So we talked to her about a week after all this and she told us her little story. She ended up meeting some random guys that where parked near her and they smoked her out. Since she never smokes she got really stoned, and she thinks they might have laced it with something (yeah right haha) because she hardly remembers anything. She at one point she remembers smoking, then thinking she wanted to sleep in the car, and the next the she knew she was half way passed her house, on the highway to town....haha so we where partly right, she was going to sleep in her car.

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