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Chocolate Hearts

Chocolate hearts don't always taste great

This is my very first post since I just recently joined and I love reading about other people's trips so I decided to post my own. Bare with me.

It was during the summer when my friend was throwing an "End of July" party at his house. Usually all the people he invites I know of and I've acquainted with in the past so I wasn't uncomfortable with "stomping some goombas" at his party. Plus I was crashing at his house so it benefited me of not driving anywhere. A few days ago my other friend told me that his dealer had gotten shrooms in the form of chocolate hearts. Each heart was a full 8th so I knew that if I were to buy one I was gonna get my monies worth. I've also tripped like 6 or 7 times before so I already knew what I was getting into. I enjoyed tripping, because it kept me entertained and it was always a "journey." Also it was a story a to tell the next day haha. My friend who was throwing the party never tripped so he wanted to try it too because of all the fun trips I've experienced with my other friends. We both bought a chocolate heart the day of the party and was excited for the night. The party didn't start till 9 at night and we wanted to wait to eat the chocolates until everyone showed up. So we decided that eating them around 11 would be a good idea so that way we neither one of us had to drive to go pick up beer or food or whatever that involved driving. We both were anxious at first but we ate the chocolates at the same time, and apparently eating chocolate was a big deal that night because kids were taking pictures of us. My face went completely sour as soon as I popped the chocolate in my mouth and ran for the fridge in his garage for a drink. The taste was unbearable and I tried so hard to get it out my mouth but some of the chocolate and shroom bits stayed between my teeth and gums. After drinking more Hawaiian punch, the taste eventually left my mouth. My friend went off to play beer pong and I went to sit in a chair and talked to others around me. I was very excited and anxious still but I knew that it was gonna be a fun night. 20 minutes after eating the chocolates, I started to feel like a tingling feeling throughout my whole body and I knew that they were starting to kick in. I was still in "reality" but I knew I was soon going to trip. Soon enough the color of his walls and the lights outside were appearing more vivid than they were. The lights gave more of an orange glow and the walls became more of a yellow tint than white. I started to feel very warm not just because it was hot out but because of the vibe the lights and walls gave me. I started to stare at my hands waving them in front of me back and forth and found myself enjoying the motion of them. I started to giggle and laugh at myself because some of the kids at the party were laughing and staring at me saying that I was tripping. I knew I wasn't until I heard myself speak. I remember saying something to one of my friends at the party and all of sudden my voice would be very deep and what I felt was in slow motion. Very prolonged sentences. "Yooooooooooo" It would come in and out which I felt like I was leaving and returning to "reality" at the beginning of my trip. A hour in to my trip the visuals were getting really intense. The design on his table and chairs were starting to flow like a slow moving lake. Couple times during my trip I would feel like this shake in my vision and I would see all these waves of colors and some kids would say I was falling asleep but I didn't believe them at that time.  I asked my friend about it the next day and he said I was twitching and fidgeting with my fingers. I researched it and some people say it is muscle spasms and it happens sometimes when your tripping due to paranoia or a natural body reaction to the shrooms. Anyways back to the story at some point my friend pulled me out of my chair and brought me into his garage. I couldn't not stand up whatsoever so he had to help me up. We went into his garage and he was having a blast and couldn't describe what he was feeling. I assume he was enjoying them too. The walls in his garage were painted blue with like these white splotches on them to give them a sky effect. When I pointed it out to him me and him both agreed they looked like clouds flowing and changing colors. We went back outside to the party and he pulled me aside again and said that one of the girls faces were morphing into a mole rat, like the Animorphs books. I couldn't stopped laughing. The party was only for a few hours but I felt like we were outside for so long. Me and my friend took a walk down his road to smoke a cigarette and I remember one kid who came to the party came in a 2008 Mustang GT because he worked for Ford, and it was the most shiniest, most beautiful Mustang I ever saw. It was glimmering even at night. As we walked down his road we were talking and smoking our cigarettes completely confused to why we were walking down his road. We couldn't decide if we wanted to walk to the gas station to get more cigarettes or to go back to the party. We were out on his road for like half hour trying to decide. At one point he just sat on the road saying he wasn't going to move until we decide where we were going. Eventually we found our way back to his backyard. Around 2am people were starting to leave. Once everyone left. We had to clean up the mess and we were still tripping but it was past the peak of our trip. Cleaning was probably the hardest thing I ever had to do on shrooms. It probably took us an hour to finish cleaning the mess. We got inside his house around 4 in the morning and the air conditioning in his room never felt so good. I didn't go to bed till around 9 in the morning but I must say that was a good night into morning. One of my best trips. 

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