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The truth of "Reality"

Nothing is what you think it is

I took an eighth of some cubes. I made some tea which was delicious, it inculded some yirbimata and rasberry or lemon or something fruty. well it was just delicious. yerbimata has a lot of good natural energy. i also ate the cubes as they floated in the tea. i first was playing halo reach for a while, but realized that i didnt like killing aliens because they didnt deserve to die. i mean, what have they done to me. it was just a little much for me. so i decided to watch a season of the simpsons and that was the best idea i could have. all the simpsons are are just friendly looking charachters that all they want to do is make you laugh. at one point chief wigum burst open through the simpsons doors and the whoe screen turned blue, just like his uniform. the walls in my apartment waved intensly. my apartment was almost completely empty, the only thing i had in my apartment was a camping chair an xbox, a tv, and a bed. the rest of the rooms and the bathroom were completely empty. each room was a compartment in my mind. each room made me feel a different way like compartments in my mind. it made me see how different reality is from what we percieve it. i had taken mushrooms before and i had a great trip, not as intense but colors were intensified, and things were hilarious. but this was an altered reality. 

from this expireince all i have to say is, please do not think of reality as certainty, because it is never really the complete truth.

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