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First trip on 7gs of truffles


Date: December 2009 

Consumed: 7 g's of magic truffles 


         Two years ago, a friend and I hatched a plan to begin growing psychedelic mushrooms. I had never had experience with psychedelics, but seeing as I was about to begin creating them I decided I should know what I was going to create. I bought 11 grams of magic truffles and decided to give four g's to my brother. We began eating the truffles almost as soon as we got them, at around 10:00 I remember not minding the taste although I now admit that truffles definitely taste better than mushrooms. Not knowing exactly what to expect, I sat on the couch reading literature on the effects of truffles on the internet. As my excitement regarding my upcoming trip grew, I began watching soothing trippy videos on youtube and listening to Pink Floyd's "Echoes." In about 20 mins I started to feel what I can only describe as a balloon of energy that inflated in my legs and would occasionally shoot pulses of energy up the trunk of my body. I began to notice the vibrance of colors increasing and as I looked down on my hand, I witnessed my first visuals in the form of my fingers subtly waving. 

         Knowing that my trip was officially starting, I decided to head outside with my brother and my dog. A fresh inch of snow rested on the ground and twinkled in the moonlight in a multi-coloured pulsating fashion while the lights of houses through the woods behind my house twinkled in a manner that suggested some form of consciousness. My brother and I walked up the hill of my driveway until he brought the moon to my attention. The moon was emitting a circular rainbow, superimposed by a silver xy-axis, the endpoints of this axis were connected by diagonal lines of light making a diamond shape surrounding the multicolored circle. I stared at the moon for what seemed like hours, but must have really been around ten minutes. My brother and I were apparently sharing visuals to some extent because he was fascinated by the moon as well and once we were done gazing at it, we both began to tell each other how much we loved on another. We had always been close, but until this trip, I never truly understood how close the bond was between a person to whom you are more genetically similar than anyone else in the world. 

       We started to walk down my street and the houses, although still recognizable as homes, look totally alien it was almost as if we were walking down a street on a distant planet. Trees seemed as if they were living entities rooted in the ground and were trying to wriggle their way out. My mind was racing and I started thinking about how each person forms a web of connections that begins to define their life, I compared people to stars, because the only way you can truly identify a star is by finding it through its location to the other stars. i became so fascinated at the possibilities of what each home could be holding, it seemed that each home was more like a representation of a family and the energy and love being used to maintain the relationship between relatives. 

      It was late at this point, so we had not seen a single car for a long while, one eventually did pass and the area illuminated by its headlights as it passed seem to freeze in time as if the car was taking a temporary three-dimensional photo. My dog was staying close to us and I would start laughing every time he investigated anything or pissed on something, I felt like the dog ensured our safety from anyone trying to question what we were doing roaming the streets at midnight. Eventually we made out way back to the house, and my dog took in a big stick and started chewing it up in the middle of my room. My brother and I watched him with fascination, lying on the ground with our faces only inches away from his. We marveled about how simple it was to make him happy, all it took was a stick, and how entitled humans felt compared to dogs (in the sense that we demanded so much from our surroundings to be happy). I started playing my bass guitar, and hooked it up to a harmonizer pedal to take the sound up several octaves. I still remember the little bassline I wrote on that night, it is very fast and encompasses the top and bottom string being played simultaniously with your thumb and index finger. After jamming on the bass for a long while, I decided to go right back to the couch that I started my trip on. I was coming down and mellowing out in front of the TV. I had gone the whole night without pissing, so when I finally entered the bathroom it was cool to watch my reflection morph in the mirror. I sat and reflected on my trip for about an hour, after which I had more or less come down but still retained a mellow feeling of satisfaction. 

     Laying in bed that night, I though about my brother and how beautiful of a thing it is to have someone who will always support and look up to you. I wished i could include everyone in on my experience and my feelings of profound belonging to the universe. This was my first trip of what must be upwards of fifty now and I can say undoubtably my philosophies on life, love, money and the world in general has changed because of mushrooms. The vast majority of those trips were mushrooms (as I eventually did grow them and ended up keeping most and giving the rest away to friends) 5 were LSD and I've came  across peyote once. I've also tripped DMT around 10 times but while DMT is an equally great psychedelic, I consider it to be in a group aside from LSD, pscilocibin or mescaline due to its short duration and sheer power. I've never had truffles again after that trip because I chose to grow mushrooms instead, but this trip will always resonate as one of the best I've ever had.  

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