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"Pick up

It was Autumn-about the middle of Ocotober, and this girl I met in a gas station sold me some mushrooms.

It was Autumn-about the middle of Ocotober, and this girl I met in a gas station sold me some mushrooms. I'm not sure of the type but they were definitely potent. My brother has a band and most of the guys in it are my roommates. I got a quarter-ounce thinking I would split it with the bass player on the way to the show that night, but to my surprise, no one was there when I got home! I knew then that I was in for a long night unless I could withstand the call of the shrooms. It was no use. I decided that I was going to smoke a gram or so in the water bong first...and I did just that. Not enough. "O.K.," I thought, "I'll just eat about half of 'em now and split the rest with someone tommorow." You all know how it goes. I ate half the bag and couldn't wait for the trip to start. I said "Fuck it," and ate the rest. That was just a little more than I had ever eaten at once. A few hours later my trip was well underway and everything was going just fine. All the walls in my house have wallpaper and I mean the perfect kind of wallpaper. That shit was going every everywhere. I had "A Saucer Fullof Secrets" by Pink Floyd on the stereo in the bedroom really fuckin' loud, and all I needed was a house-full of friends trippin' with me. I guess I had been trippin' for about four hours when I realized that this was definitely the most intense trip that I had ever had on shrooms. It had been a blast so far, but was starting to get a little weird, so I came up with a plan. I broke out my old Sega Saturn and popped in "Nights-Into Dreams." A lot of video games are designed specifically for people on halucionogenics...beleive me, I know. This one, however, is the granddaddy of them all!Anyway, the game was breaking the monotony of being alone, but you can imagine my longing for someone to share a moment like this with. It was about 1:00 am when I heard a knock at the door. Assuming that I had locked it, I jumped up to let the guys in. Not them. It was two friends from school stopping by to get me to buy some weed for them. I told them I was tripping and going to the dude's house at this time might not be the best idea, but they talked me into it. So, like I said, this had pretty much been an awesome trip so far, but it was totally awkward because I didn't even have anyone to talk to until now. We actually made it to the dude's house with my directions, which was awesome. Having to concentrate on the highway to tell them where to turn made me realize that something was way different about this trip. I was starting to feel that maybe I shouldn't have to say much or even think much...especially not do much no matter where I was and everyone would understand, except that no one within miles was trippin' but me. That realization alone sort of scared me. Anyway, I made my way into the dude's house, got the grass, and got out. I guess I weirded my friends out too much to stop back at the crib so they just dropped me off.
When I walked back in my house, I couldn't stop laughing at what had just happened. Memories of the last what, ten? fifteen minutes? were pouring over me like they were from my childhood or something and it just totally busted me up laughing. So I sat down on the sofa and started trying to get some good visuals from the trippy-ass green and white vine wallpaper in the living room. It was much easier than I expected. This may sound a little cliche, but if anyone has seen, "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas," they know exactly what my wallpaper was doing. Everything in the house looked crazy like that. Way better than anything I had ever seen on shrooms. In fact, the only time I have ever gotten visuals that good was from a candyroll with about four hits in it, and who knows how much X. It was definitely getting intense. That was also weird I thought because I had been trippin' for about five hours already. A few more hours passed. It was probably about 3:00 am, and since the band was playing a local place, fairly early, I decided they weren't coming home, but rather staying at the guitar player's house which was on the way. This about where the trip turned BAD. I had never had a bad trip before. Never wanted to have one, and let me be the first to tell you, they sneak up on you like a mother fucker...slowly but surely. The same goddamed song seemed to keep playing over and over and I had it turned up fucking loud. I just sat there, determined to hear the song start over or go on to the next track but you know how Pink Floyd is. I swear I sat there for thirty minutes listening to the same fucking song, just wondering in and out of these hyper-fucked up scenerios that I was creating to scare the shit out of myself. I didn't understand it at all. Finally I get up to go see what's up with the stereo. I go in there, turn on the lights, and squat down between these two huge twelve inch floor speakers which are just about to blow my ass away. (Highly recommended, but only in short bursts.) Then the worst possible thing you can imagine happened. I pressed the volume down button but there was no change. I pressed it furiously, over and over. Finally, it starts getting louder! "I'm just trippin'," I thought. So I press it again. Again it gets louder! Whoah man. In desperation, I furiously press the volume up button. Low and behold, it worked! The volume starts getting lower and lower, but still nowhere near the level I needed to find the "repeat" button. It starts getting louder again! Then softer! I was determined not to give up and finally between the up and down volume buttons, with repeated pressing to render any change at all, I finally got it where I wanted it. I changed the repeat function so it would play the entire cd. "How long have I really been listening to that song," I thought, " Was the repeat button on the whole time?...It had to be...that's like four hours or something!" My mind wobbled. With the volume at a less intense level, I go back into the living room and still reeling from the horrible situation which had just befallen me, proceeded to conjure up even more twisted and fucked up thoughts. To someone who has never tripped, this is unfathomable. Beyond discription. But for those of you who have, you will know, that I was just starting that horrible introspective phase of a bad trip. Well, of any trip really, I guess. I just never had it hit me in this shitty, shitty way before, and I hope it never does again. It was less than five minutes before I was in the back yard in the dark. Who knows why? I noticed that a storm was brewing. The wind was howling, blowing small limbs from the trees all around me. Total chaos. I had to pick them up! Who knows why. Any sort of horrible monster could have came out of the darkness and done unspeakable things to me, but I had to pick up the sticks! Moment of clarity: "It will be o.k. Go back inside. Small sticks are in everyones yard," I told myself. "I have to sweep the floor!" I was in the house sweeping the floor. I mean, If I didn't get this house spottless, something bad was going to happen...like my head might explode or something! Total chaos now. Previously unreached levels of despair. I was definitly getting "The Fear." "Must maintain control." I thought. "What the fuck am I thinking?" I thought. That is when it began to rain. My house is fairly old...built in the early sixties, I think. The windows have never been replaced and there was never enough, if any, insulation in the outer walls. You can basically hear everything that goes on outside. It was fucking frightening! I was totally scared shitless...about to piss myself. I thought of just giving up and going to sleep. I have never, to this day, slept before my trip was over. Let me tell you, trying to go to sleep while tripping is a bad thing. Add a possessed-ass stereo, horrible longing for other human presence, wallpaper that just won't fucking leave you alone, terrifying, only half-there memories of sweeping up small limbs in a dope dealer's house a few hours earlier, and myriad other fucked up crazy ass thoughts of terrible, terrible things that aren't even real, plus the fact that if you shut your eyes you get to see the best goddamned lazer-light show on Earth, and it's just fucking impossible. I think I wanted to die. I woke up around 9:30. "Holy shit," I thought. People were in my house. I knew them all. They were a little late. I had total control of my brain again. It was all good. And the moral of the story is...

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