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NEW INFO about aliens


some fucking evolved aliens are present. multidimensional,telepathic bodyless beings...and i got a fucking first contact.

on 7 g of cubes on empty stomach.

listens to music...
smokes weed....

find my visuals boring. so launch this thing.http://www.netliberty.net/dreamachine.html

basicaly it is a stroboscobic light ,it will make your screen flash at a certain speed.

so i stare at the things eye open.. start seeing some insect looking  thing made in atari graphics i can see many of these beings. i can see them more clearly after some time and find that they look like little gnomes with a huge grin on there face  pretty much like a in between the trollface and joker. and theyre laughing cheering trolling around... they interact with my thoughts... i think of a banana... they make bananas apear on the screen... apples dicks anything. then i asked.
whats my name.. they wrote it letter by letter.... they are in there already. i could not fucking believe it... i used this program many times before this happened... nothing ever happened... i was feeling they were loading data in my brain through telepathic comunication. you cannot reach them in a normal state of mind. i could feel the presence for a while now. but i did not see them. these ''mechanical elves'' self transforming machines made of light and information...

<>quote from Ian Xel Lungold

if you have the following symptomes you are fully eligible to meet these fellas.

you are experiencing more and more frequent coincidences.. nothing particular.. just more unprobable coincidences... thinking about something random... and some1 speaks about that random thing even more randomly wtf. finding something that just proved you there might be a god or something.. because that was impossible.to find at that particular moment yet you found it,

you have started meditating and learning about spiritual awakening etc recently...

you see sparkles of lights or shadow that move in your sights... things that you didnt see before... the white or black dot. always watching you somewhere hidden in your sight. you focus on that thing but it disapeared/moved the moment you moved your eyes towards it.

your dream alot more frequently. your dreams are alot more clear and real like. to the point where you wake up... and cry for reality to be real.

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