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Virgin Shroom + Weed

Best experience ever

Last weekend I purchased a 1/2oz with some friends, we ended up smoking weed all night and took our shrooms about 7:30PM. I had two large shrooms that weighed to 3.7, and ate them dry and quickly; my friends drank water and had many small ones. Within ten minutes I started to feel goofy, and after about 45min, I witnessed my friend turn into a flowerbed. She (the flowerbed) started getting nauseated, and was complaining about the trip until about an hour into it when we started playing music and smoked a fat bowl of weed.

At this point everyone switched from seeing outright hallucinations to a more "beautiful" reality. I smoked the most weed, but while everyone else was couch-locked, I was running around touching everything and dancing. It felt more like E than I expected, yet much more natural and smooth.

I was so happy to be near my friends, and believe that they brought the most good into the experience. Everyone seemed like a perfect example of how they should be, the flowerbed girl described everyone as more comic-bookish, but I literally saw halos and smoothed-out skin, sharp contrasts, and smiles seemed to glow.

We watched Monty Python's quest for the Holy Grail on a big screen tv and were amazed at the colors and other-worldly-ness of it itself (that movie is a trip when not under the influence!).

In this time we also took out my Amazon Parrot and started singing and dancing with her. She made the night even more fun! Strange note: after putting her away, I felt as if she was still on my shoulder for about an hour after, and whenever she talked from her cage I could hear her as if she was right next to me.

I was actually very capable of driving and set off to home (about 2 miles away, not bad) that trip was awesome... I felt as if I were driving up a curving gradient and every light produced "god rays." I have driven under the influence of other things, and would say that that drive was much safer than most. I reacted properly and signaled at every turn.

I am glad to have tried this drug, and now consider it equal to weed in terms of cost/risk/experience worth.

I will try more again soon, but have to ask this: Is it safe to have sex while shrooming? I am sure that no health issues will happen, but I have heard that E and sex will make NORMAL sex not as enjoyable... would this be a similar experience? I sure hope not... I wanna try it...

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