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3 Blotters and T3's

Looking Into Space

3 - Hits of Mad Hatter LSD
3 - Pills of Tylenol 3
1 - 5 Hour Energy

Date: Nov. 5. 2011
Second Time Trying LSD
I woke up in the morning expecting to be going to my dads for the weekend. After getting out of the shower my brother said my dad wasn't coming to pick us up this weekend because he had come down with a cold. Immediately my mind jumped to the possibility of doing LSD this weekend. Me and my friend (J, name changed) had bought $90 worth (6 $15 blotters, they were expensive but supposedly VERY good) of LSD the prior week and planned to do it the weekend after I got back from my dads. I called him up and we agreed to chill at his house and take the blotters around 9:30pm so that we would trip all night. He also told be to bring T3s and money for energy drinks... sounded like it was going to be a good night!

At around 5 J called me and told me to go to our other friends (Mike, name changed) house and we would chill there until 9, then J's mom would pick us up and drop us off at J's house and then go out to a party until around 3am. Sounded like a plan, I got my step dad to drive me to Mike's, I got there and we just chilled and ate pizza. They had decided to watch Paranormal Activity 3, I wasn't down seeing me and J would be tripping later but Mike started the movie anyways :P Luckily PA3 was not scary at all (Quick tip; don't watch scary movies before trips. It puts a bad mindset/image in your head) so it was not a big deal at all. J's mom picked us up and we stopped at a Petro to get food, etc. I got a 5 Hr Energy and J was going to drink coffee. We got to his house and waited for his parents to leave. When we found out they left we put the blotters on our tongue and let them dissolve.

I took 2 and so did J (J had taken one of his already a few days back so he only had 2). After they dissolved the "stoned" feeling kicked in super quick, we started laughing and dancing to music within 30 mins of taking the LSD, 45 mins in I took the 3rd hit and drank the 5 Hr Energy. We sat and waited for visuals and the fried feeling to kick. About 1 and a half hours in the fried feeling had set in. This was my second time taking LSD and I hadn't experience good visuals so that's why I did 3. To my disappointment no visuals thus far. We decided to go for a walk, it was around -5 Celsius and had just snowed, we put on our jackets and walked into the field. We looked at the stars and it was effective, still no visual but immense amounts of thoughts and wonder started to fill my head. After standing there for around 10 mins we were cold so we began to walk back. We got back and were semi - disappointed by the effects. We decided to take the T3's I had. We also found some T3's in J's house and took those. In total we took 3 each. We sat down on the couch and just relaxed for a while listening to music. I got out my lap top and searched what it meant to not get visuals... not even walls breathing. Someone on some forums suggested going into the dark. We went into a spare bedroom J had and laid on the bed. I looked at the ceiling and within a minute it started to look like stars and I felt as if I was floating. Suddenly J yelled a bit and walked out of the room, I followed him to make sure he was okay. He said the mirror in the bedroom was scaring him and we couldn't go in there.

He came up with the idea to go to his room and turn off all his lights, we went and I laid in his bed and he sat in his computer chair. We were in that room for around 20 mins, again I saw distant stars but nothing vivid and no colors. After 20 mins of laying in darkness hearing nothing but the clock tick we decided to head back outside. As we were getting ready to leave J said that the experience he had in that room was the craziest thing in his life, I still don't know what it was but he said he would tell me Monday.
We went back outside to the field, the stars we even more crazy but it was colder than before so we had to go back quite quick. After getting back I still was disappointed by the lack of visuals, the T3's were kicking in pretty hard though. We went to his basement and I laid down on the couch with the lights off and Panda Bear blasting into my ears. I got in a fetal position and this time closed my eyes. Suddenly I was airborne flying through galaxies and speeding past stars. I was still in my physical self though. I wanted to leave my physical body so bad, with all my will power I tried to think of leaving my body. Suddenly I felt something pulling out of my body, it felt like it was just barley attached. I tried and let it release from me, I even talked to it. Telling it to leave. After what seemed like 10 minutes I opened my eyes. I couldn't get the feeling to detach, and after I opened my eyes a vast pain started in my chest and stomach. J was also gone, I went to the spare bedroom and he was laying on the bed with his dog watching Scooby Doo. I went back to the couch and wanted to attempt leaving the physical realm again. Once again the stars and galaxies came into view. After A LOT of thought I was at the stage where I was before. The "feeling" was barley attached and I wanted it to go (Hoping I would go with it). I thought even harder then last time to release it from my body, suddenly the lower body broke free. Eventually it was just my head holding the feeling down. After a inner battle, I gave up, I opened my eyes to pain like I had never experienced before. My chest felt like it was crushed. The pain was unbelievable, I looked at the clock and what felt like 20 mins was actually 2 hrs. I walked over to the spare bedroom and J was still awake with his dog. I told him my chest hurt and laid down on the floor. After getting on the bed he asked if I needed anything (Always trip with someone as reliable as J was, someone you trust) , I told him I wanted some chips. He ran upstairs and got me pretzels. I ate a bunch and the pain finally started to subside. We watched some Pokemon (Childhood memories :D) and he fell asleep. It was around 2:30 when he feel asleep. I still had thoughts in my head, from 2:30 until 6 I was awake thinking of different art pieces (I am a Graphic Artist). At around 6:30 I fell asleep.

Around 9am I woke up and my step dad was on his way to pick me up. I got up said goodbye to J who was still quite tired and sleepy. When I got home I wrote down 11 art pieces on a piece of paper. All of them I could see vivid images for, and still do. It is now 2:30 pm and all my art ideas are still with me and vivid.

I am very glad for this trip and it has changed my outlook on A LOT of things. Even though the visuals were light and only colorful when I closed my eyes it was still a very meaningful trip. J and I plan on trying Shrooms this week.

Thanks for reading and I wish you luck and happiness on your future trips :D

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