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Multiple Dimensions, Simpsons.

         I've done Salvia before this one a bunch of times, nothing over 50x before though and i wanted to try a new level.  I drove to the tobacco store and they only had the 30x i was sadly disappointed and grabbed it anyway. I opened the bad and read the instructions. They where hilarious but something grabbed my attention : 130 MG of salvia it said. I thought to myself it was nothing and proceeded to my buddies house to pick him up so he could sit me ( we always have a sitter it's just better) i took out the homemade bong we had made not too long ago put a screen in the bowl ( it's a two gram bowl) and filled it about a quarter plus some. 

        I lit the torch and began  i place the bong down and just remember counting 1....2... then wen't to 20 around 23 seconds my visions went black and all i could see is different realities. if you guys have ever watched futureama, it describes it as when they have a ton of boxes and they go into each dimension to try to find zoidberg. Instead of boxes, however, it was just a bunch of screens that i could only see partially into ( kinda like album covers on an ipod) I was so not prepared because compared to my other trips this was above and beyond and right after I started feeling the effects I had completely forgotten I was on salvia. that went on for a while until i jumped into a random dimension and it looked EXACTLY like the simpsons. it was all in cartoon, everything was bubbly and bright and i was running around trying to figure out what was real and what wasn't. everything started to clear up and i was now in my living room rolling around on the floor laughing. 

        It was a good trip, but i wasn't prepared and I wish I was so It could have gotten more out of Salvia.

     Moral of the story: Don't ever underestimate any drug no matter how much experience you *think* you have with it.


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