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First Time - Took 3.5g

Walked to the end of the Earth

So last night (Halloween), me and my boyfriend each ate an eighth of mushrooms (no idea what kind or anything).  After that, we walked to our friend's place to meet our other friend.  Within an hour, I started feeling really stoned, but I wasn't tripping or anything.  We gave our friend 2 grams, and then we started feeling the effects a little harder and started getting amped up.  It was my first time doing mushrooms, definitely not the first for either of them.  We live in a really dark, quiet town and it was 9pm by the time we left our friends.  We went back to my boyfriend's place for about an hour and talked with his family, and that's when I noticed their faces starting to look distorted, and I kept laughing for no reason.  After a while my boyfriend couldn't stand to sit still anymore so the three of us who'd taken mushrooms went for a walk.
We started walking towards this place we'd gone before.  It was a small overpass looking over a 4 lane highway.  It was a pretty long walk, considering it was almost a 15 minute drive on the highway, but we took the dark (very dark) back road.  The area in front of me was in two sections.  The bottom half of my vision was pitch black, and all I could see was the silhouettes of the trees on the sky.  There weren't even any stars because it was a cloudy night.  My boyfriend knew the way, so we just walked, despite not really being able to see where we were going at all.  Just as we hit the area where streetlights ended, and the road looked like what I just described, I started to see a red and blue checkered pattern overlaying the black area.  At this point I was feeling frustrated that I couldn't see the ground in front of me but the feeling ceased after a few minutes and all I felt was completely happy.
Then we arrived.  This place looked nothing like I remembered although I'd been there not too long ago.  I felt like we'd entered another dimension, everything about it was surreal.  The highway beneath us was not a high traffic area but there were lights in the distance enough that we could now at least see each other.  Everytime a car got close to coming into view, the entire sky surrounding us would just light up.  The highway was also a main route for large transports, and everytime one of them went by we could feel the wind move over the bridge and hit us.  I remember giving my boyfriend a hug and all I remember about it was how incredibly soft he felt (for a fairly boney boy).  At that point on top of feeling completely happy I felt like all the love I had for my boyfriend had been amplified.  I remember I kept laughing for absolutely no reason other than that I was smiling so much it became a vocal thing.
We stayed on the bridge for about 20 minutes, and then because my boyfriend had work the next day and no one had any idea or concept of what time it was, we decided to head back.  On the walk home it honestly felt like we'd been gone all night, and like it was 6am.  When we got home we were shocked to see that it was only 11:30.  We stayed up a little longer and talked to eachother about what we'd experienced.  My boyfriend had been convinced we were being followed the whole night, I really had no concept of anything other than how happy I was.  On top of that I kept thinking about animals, and how much I felt like one.  All of my inhibitions had subsided.  Not once during that night did I think about what I looked like or sounded like, I just had fun, and I kept thinking how animals must always feel something similar to what I was feeling.  Especially when on the walk home, the one and only car we saw on the road we walked all night completely freaked us out.  It started coming and we scrambled not sure if we should run away or keep walking normally.  I tried to run but my boyfriend's friend caught me and told me not to, so then I just covered my eyes.  Both of them just looked away.  We must have looked ridiculous, and I remember commenting on how we think animals are so silly for doing the exact same type of thing when they see a car. xD
All in all the experience was amazing and one I plan on experiencing again.  I said level 3, but I think I was somewhere between a level 3 and 4. If you're personally thinking about trying these, my advice would be to buy them from someone you trust, who's had some, and to do them with people you trust.  Last thing you want is to run away because you're tripping out and not have anyone who cares to go get you.

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