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The Peppermint Tree and the Seeds of Supeconsciousness

merging with the godhead

Time: ~May 2010 ~11am

Mental Set: Preprogramming with Ram Dass's Books and Lectures

Environmental Setting: Girlfriend, Bedroom, highly pattered antique persian rug, om tapestries on the wall, the album "The Peppermint Tree and the Seeds of Superconsciousness"

Dose: ~400mic Fluff & Smoked Cannabis

I must first give a warning to those who may read this, both seasoned and those just starting out: LSD can induce experiences that are entirely novel despite having used it many many times. That said, lets continue.

I wasn't expecting this experience to be much different from previous experiences, and perhaps it would have been had it not been for the music album i decided on for the dose. "The Peppermint Tree and the Seeds of Super Consciousness," by Amorphous Androgynous.

Come up was standard; little shaky and slight stomach discomfort/anxiety as a psychological response to the immanent ego-death. By the time we're peaking, I turn the album on. Things were going smooth -- patterns flowing, euphoria -- we decide to take some bong rips of some decent "Cheese" strain going around at the time... This is when things started getting a bit intense.

I get up from sitting on the persian rug where we had been during the come up due to feeling overheated; sitting on the bed indian style in front of the fan I began to close my eyes and repeat mantra in my mind (not aloud). Aum Mani Padme Hum, Aum Mani Padme Hum, Aum Mani Padme Hum... something was happening, resonating... I begin seeing the tibetan script via Closed Eye Visuals spread throughout my periphery. Each syllable was separately scattered in my field of vision and began being glowing with a golden aura in the black backdrop of my mind's eye; gold light began connecting each syllable and then the flash of white light.

I was there... My sense of "Self" was forced to perceive its own predicament from the perspective of causal circumstances unfolding manifesting its creation and its psychological investment in itself. The Ego learned it was created as a culmination of genetic imperative, imprinting, conditioning, and maintained through environmental feedback loops. While still perceiving 3-dimensional spacetime from the perspective of my bedroom and this particular facet of the whole, I was also also in a state of consciousness superimposed over the common 3-dimensional linear state.

It was like having google in your brain. I could think of anything and instantly have all information related to that thought instantly flash into my conscious awareness; experience lives over thousands of years pass by in seconds like freeze frame movies. The theosophists have called it "The Akashic Record." It was the most amazing experience of my life. Intuitively I felt this was what was meant by life eternal. I was merged with the dreamer/story teller manifesting the universe through loving desire to experience every possible aspect of itself. Death doesn't really exist because we were never born in the first place; this is just another dream within dreams within dreams within dreams ad infinitum.

this is when i began to become afraid; my ego began to regain some influence of perception of the state and was afraid it would never enjoy anything ever again. all emotional rushes in this state of consciousness are lost... things just are and they aren't. I was afraid i'd be stuck in this state of consciousness for eternity dreaming the universe without having the fun to partake in it. I began feeling sleepy, which was very odd; typically i never feel sleepy while dosed -- this lead me to terminate the anxiety and experience using 20mg of diazepam. What goes up, must come down; thankfully. I've spent the last year and a half grounding and understanding my psychological resistances to repeat the experience without freaking out.

Follow up: for the following week, hash would induce similar states for upwards of 3 minutes -- which of course felt like an eternity while you're in it.

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