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Realizations of the mind

My Mind on 2.5g

Last night I had picked up some mushrooms from a friend of mine. I am not exactly sure how much I had taken but if I were to guess I would say around 2.5 grams. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I had so many interesting thoughts in my head that I had never even thought about before. Me and my girlfriend were texting all night due to me tripping by myself and here are some of the texts that I sent.

"It's like my head is a bubble and I don't want it to pop so I let out some thoughts sometimes to make room for new information."

"My emotions are the beat of the song and my thoughts are the lyrics. When I make music I feel the weight of my emotions and thoughts being lifted from me."

"The key to keeping a sharp mind is to maintain it as efficiently as possible. Have stresses, have worries, have fear. Keep those emotions as your regular daily emotions to prepare yourself for any given situation. Keeping in touch with these things will enable you to have a solid base for building. They say that you can only go until you hit rock bottom. Get to know rock bottom. Get to know rock bottom very well. It's important to keep in touch with your darkest feelings to fully enjoy the brighter ones. It is also a way to "map out" your brain. Learn where different things are kept. Without knowing where those things are now, you aren't going to be able to avoid running into them later."

"My brain is taking in too many physical elements right now like touch, smell, sight and whatnot. So do you mind if I give you my thoughts so that my brain can keep having fun? It likes the attention. :)"

"I type to a beat that I'm playing in my own head and each keystroke sets off visualizer I see through my eyes."

"Noises do not longer seem needed. Probably why it hurts to make them. Which is weird but makes complete sense. I got $50 on the next step of evolution being telepathy."

"Is it weird that I feel smarter than I ever have right now?"

"Colors are textures that you feel with your eyes"

"I wish I didn't have to waste so much time doing things like pooping, eating, sleeping or drinking"

"Something just isn't right about people trying to control other people. Not that I would ever do this but who's to say that I'm not better than any other human. If I were to walk up to the president of the US assuming he was alone and point a gun to his face, we would both just be humans and no money, classes or personal achievements would matter at that point. It would be just us, being human. PS if any government or anything is monitoring my texts, I would never do anything to terrorize another human being. I'm just a stupid kid with a wondering mind hehe"

"I can watch movies or videos and think of that place with natural lighting so that if I ever walked into that place in real life I know exactly what it will look like."

"Government is cracking down on drugs that make you see what's going on in a greater form of the idea.Is shit getting a little too REAL for you bro?! haha that's my pro-psychedelic propaganda for the night"

"There is a part of me that will always stay the same no matter what drugs I put in my system. It's called my personality"

"The body is the fruit of the mind"

"You can tell anything about a person by looking them in the eyes"

"Anything is possible with a sense of realism and baby steps"

"to feel fear is to be ignorant. to acknowledge fear is to be enlightened"

"Nothing is possible without its opposite. That's why opposites attract"

"If the opposite of change is indefinte. Can change exist due to nothing being truely indefinite?"

"As long as there is an opposite for everything in life. Everything in life is stable. Is stable good?"

"Im so kicking ass in COD. I'm seriously predicting peoples moves before they even make them, It's like I know how "normal" people would act in a situation and I act acordingly to counter them. I havent died more than 3 times in any game tonight"

"People spend too much time trying to preserve the amount of life that they have instead of trying to make it count. If there is life beyond this life, I dont want to look back and see a very long and boring life. I want to see a medicore length of life that I can truely say "kicked ass" haha it's the least I can do for my future self."

"I just had a conversation with my dad who probably wouldn't like the idea of me tripping right now lol I realized that hiding that you are tripping is easy. You just need to dumb yourself down a little."

I was absolutely amazed by the clarity of everything last night. Its like I could see further, hear better, think more clearly and predict actions of others. I felt like a super human. I really enjoy thinking about all of the things that were said that night and I will NEVER forget them. Thank you Psilocybe Cubensis for all that you have showed me.

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