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"Computational Timescale" experience

The "Computational Timescale.

The "Computational Timescale." Something that had never existed within my mind, nor has that phrase every been mentioned to myself by any friends, relatives, or past and present coworkers. Where in the hell did that originate from?

Hi, I'm crazy d. I've discovered something, on my trip, that has perhaps, brought quite a controversy to my state of mind. The millions of voices in my head, cannot stop discussing this phrase, the meaning behind it, and perhaps the quality of such a term. I have looked it up on the internet, and there is however, something relating to the eye about it, and that makes sense, considering tripping, visuals, and retnas, optics, etc, etc.

However, there's a deeper meaning in it. It's universal. It kind of eliminates the thought of relativity as being perhaps, correct? Computing time, so to speak, adds up to me thinking time is modifiable and therefore, not relative, forward, flowing. It is afterall, now obsolete, aside from our perception, it's ultimately been eliminated from the space/time continuum.

A brief explanation on my analysis of the CT. Anyways, I ate 6 grams a few months ago, and saw the dna of mushrooms bouncing around on the wall. I did not feel like I had to puke. I knew I had to though, so I walked outside, in the cold first snowfall here in Minnesota. I smiled when I walked outside, as the snow was not moving. There was absolutely no movement of anything animate outside. The trees in the breeze, nothing. The snow was hovering, in place, and 7 people that I still cannot account for being real, were inanimate at 4AM on a Sunday morning, standing out by a car. They did not mean anything to me.

I walked to the edge of the porch, and puked. It looked like the grand canyon. I had not eaten jack the day before, but, I sure in the hell had enough puke to fill the Colorado River. Everything began to move again. The people were moving, and of those people, there was a guy. He was wearing a round derby style hat, wearing a suit (do note it was cold as hell and he had no overcoat), and carrying a briefcase...with a scruffy lil brown beard. Looked to be about 42 in age, but I think I know he was 42. He did not look at me. I smiled at those people. This was 4AM, Sunday morning. I live in Minnesota, and at 4AM on a Sunday morning, there's never a person with a briefcase. So anyways, yeah. I cannot describe it here very well, and I regret that I can't as it was an experience that was beyond the ultimate trip.

I must admit, I have a more spiritual side now. No diety, but the architect of the universe. The energy that is recycled, continuously. I love it, and respect it as it has given me this life, despite the annoying little jar I am trapped in. It is grand. And I smile, every day, realizing how lucky I am to have this experience of being a living organism vs just an energy flux, floating around, looking for a jar.

Sorry! I really wish I could go on. It's just hard without writing a book as there were two others with me that night, and I want to include the whole sequence of events up to now, because two of the three of us, have changed, dramatically. And it was a life changing experience, despite having done mushrooms many times before. I think X and me were in the right state of mind, as he saw the soon-to-be future, within the next decade, of the end of mankind, except for those who are prepared, spiritually, and physically (fallout shelters!)

Thanks, and my apologies. Just want this to be submitted for the Computational Timescale aspect, maybe it'll ring a bell to others? Perhaps.

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