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Cannabis tripping in the rain

It is possible to trip off of weed..

So, I started smoking cannabis two days after my 16th birthday party, which was a little over a year ago. I've never done anything other than cannabis but I've always been quite interested in tripping. Unfortunately though, It is rather difficult to get a hold of shrooms where I live so my only experience in "tripping" has been from smoking massive amounts of weed.  I would say that I've gotten visuals off of cannabis two times ever, and never very strong at all, not counting last weekend.  Well anyways, time for the trip report.  I've always been a lightweight, seeing as how I'm 5 foot 4 and only weigh 115 pounds, and recently I stopped smoking for a month for various reasons.  Last weekend I finally smoked again with my friend D, who happens to be an everyday, sometimes several times a day smoker. He had what he calls his "Emergency stash", which to me was a massive amount of weed.  We told my parents we were going to the beach to light fireworks (best excuse ever), grabbed a lighter and walked maybe a hundred feet from my house before going into the woods and sitting down for the smoke.  Well, we started trading off pipe hits and at two fatty hits I was really blazed and at the point that I would normally call it quits and be high for the next several hours.   D on the other hand said that he didn't even feel anything yet and that we were gonna keep smoking.  I figured what the hell, and so I agreed.  Approximately fifteen hits later I was too high to even take a hit and I felt like I'd gone through a full blown ab work out from uncontrollable laughter.  D took a few more hits and by this point he was really blazed too, and together we munched the picnic we had brought in seconds flat.  After sitting and enjoying the high and talking for who knows how long, could have been a couple minutes, could have a half hour, D started packing another bowl with the last of the weed.  I asked him what the fuck he was doing and he said "you're getting fucked today." He meant for the whole bowl to go to me... Seeing as how this was his weed and not mine I couldn't turn down his offer;) After 4 of the fattest hits of my life my high seemed to almost totally go away and all I could think about was how bad my lungs hurt. Well, I kinda just sat frowning for what I estimate to be about five minutes, but as soon as my lungs started to feel better the high hit me so hard it felt like I had ran full speed into a brick wall and bounced off.. Only it felt amazing;)  The weed we had just smoked was a slightly above average nameless indica/sativa hybrid strain, grown, clipped, and dried by my friend A so I know for a fact it wasn't laced with anything.  By this point I can easily say that I had far surpassed any other level of highness I had ever experienced... And that's saying something considering I'm a pretty experienced stoner.  I started to take in my surroundings now and realized that everything outside a ten foot radius from me was moving, warping, and breathing, and yet everything within a ten foot radius was perfectly clear.. Like high definition clear...I have somewhat poor vision and it looked like I had my glasses on, even though I didn't.  This really freaked me the fuck out, but in a good way. At this point I had completely forgotten that D was still there and he seemed to off in his own world too because he wasn't trying to talk to me at all.  I decided to lay down so as to get a new perspective on the world.  From the ground level I felt like I was sinking into the ground and I was unable to lift my arms or my legs at all. I found this pretty damn hilarious at the time:P  Between one of my laughing fits I heard D suddenly yell to me "Bro! You gotta lay on the ground this feels so fucking wierd!" (Keep in mind we were only like 5 feet away from each other and in perfect view of each other.)  I told him that I was already doing this and we both got a good laugh out of this. Suddenly he jumped up and shouted "I've struck gold!"  He had in his hand a good sized, barely burnt nug that one of us must have blown out of the bowl earlier. Once again he gave it to me because apparently I'm pretty funny when I'm stoned off of my ass. I tried to stand up for some reason, fell on my ass and then finished the nug in another two hits. At this point I just closed my eyes and saw this greenish orb spinning and mutating, and I had all these thoughts about how much happier I was than anyone else I knew and how much I loved life.  D started doing some crazy humming with his hands somehow and to me it sounded exactly like a didgeridoo. The instant he stopped it started raining. And I'm talking like the exact instant. This was just too funny for me and I just curled up in a ball and laughed.I finally managed to roll onto my back back and I started to stare up at the trees. It was one of those bright cloudy days, and at first everything looked normal, but then the sky turned pure white and all the branches/leaves of the tree turned pure black.  Instead of making me laugh uncontrollably this actually sobered me up, just because I have never experienced anything like it before.  A few seconds (minutes?) later it all started to swirly together and every time a raindrop would hit my face it would make a corresponding ripple in the blurry black and white swirl above my.. My peripheral vision seemed to go completely blank and all I could focus on was the  trees and sky above me.  Apparently my friend was talking to me but I couldn't hear him at all. I then closed my eyes to try and figure out what was happening. I was just a little freaked out at this point... I knew nothing bad was happening but I felt confused and wasn't quite sure what was going on. When I closed my eyes I saw the green orb again and when I opened them it looked like I was looking up into a puddle and I could see all kinds of reflections and stuff.  I was starting enjoy this more and smile and so I closed my eyes again and when I opened them the trees had a sharp geometric look too them. Just as I was starting to explore this new look my friend shook me and I totally snapped back to reality. He said he'd been worried because I'd just been staring at the sky making funny faces and not blinking. I was like "What the fuck? I definitely closed my eyes at least twice." But D, who was fairly sober insisted that it was freaky how I didn't even blink once for like ten minutes . Again I was like "What the fuck? Ten minute? No! I was laying down for at least an hour!"  With some help from a tree I finally managed to stand and when I went for a pee I felt all of my highness drain out along with my pee.  Still confused by what had just happened we both walked back to my house, munched like mother fuckers, and played Bad Company 2. We had been gone for about two hours and I still felt very high for another 4 hours or so after getting home.  I felt a nice tingly body high all the way until I went to sleep that night too. I still need to stress the fact that this weed was not laced at all and was not even that potent of a strain! I'm not sure why I tripped out so much but I'm guessing it had something to do with having no tolerance and smoking a shit ton;) All in all it was an amazing experience and it has me committed to finding some shrooms.  

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