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First Timer

awesome trip

Did shrooms for the first time last night! Had a blast, i did them with my sister and our friend. We all ate half an eighth of some pretty good mushrooms. They ate theirs in a sandwich and i just chewed mine a little and swallowed them with orange juice, texture was weird to me, but i didn't really taste anything.

Our environment: We did them at the home of my sister and I, a little early, around 730PM. Once we ate them, we went outside (It was a very nice night outside, cool, crisp, and refreshing) onto our wrap around porch where we have our chairs to sit and relax. We also turned our phones and electronics off after about an hour after eating them because we didn't like the feeling on them on once the trip was starting. My house is secluded by the way, with a long driveway leading back into the woods. I love my home and find the forestation around my house quite beautiful during the day and night (which turned out to be very nice when tripping =)).

The first thing i noticed was a body high after about 30 minutes after eating them, it felt good in my face and chest for a while. I also remembering not feeling anything "trippy" yet and just feeling high in a different way then weed because of the shrooms. Then we all started smoking some weed and i recall feeling as if the weed "fueled" the shrooms in a sense and helped them work. after about an hour my body high was quite intense and the music that was playing from the laptop was pretty cool, I could feel the sound waves hitting my ears. then I notice my vision felt different, it felt as if my eyes for 5 times there normal size and 5 times as powerful, it was euphoric at times. When i took a deep breath, it felt wonderful. My sister and our friend just talked a lot, about the things we were seeing, feeling, hearing, everything. At one point i noticed that what the 3 of us were talking about, made absolutely no sense, or at least that's how i remember it. I remember the 3 of us conversing like normal humans do, but the things we said made no sense in my mind, we made concrete meaning from the nonsense we talked and talked for hours on this. We laughed a lot, i remember going to take a piss. I felt as if we were all in a bubble and i disconnected from my fellows for a little bit. When i was in the bathroom i saw the toilet paper roll on the wall like normal and i saw another roll on the ground for when that one runs out. I thought "what if they are the same?" then tried to prevent myself from cracking up the entire time i was in the bathroom, before i left the bathroom, i stopped, turned around , looked at the toilet paper and concluded in my mind that the two toilet paper rolls were in fact NOT the same thing lol. Then i went back still in my bubble and reconnected to my fellows. I remember sitting there on the porch and i just turned my head and started into the trees at the edge of my yard. As i stared into the trees, it looks like reality was rippling slowly across my field of vision. I also began to see form constants. It was an amazing sight. The pattern on the trees could be described as complex even when your not on shrooms i think, but I could see into this complexity, i could see more then i normally could. I remember feeling as if we were "higher" up in reality or farther away from everyone else not doing shrooms with me. My father came outside to say goodnight later on during our trip, and he didn't feel with us. Anyway, It was rapture at times. I felt as if my energies aligned closer with the universe for just some few short hours. I remember standing outside in the grass by the porch and it start raining, that felt cool. We saw a glimmer in the trees and thought it was a Wall-e! it was so cute, we thought he was hiding under the tree where the shimmer was coming from, to get out of the rain. Time was difficult to understand at times, we turned our phones off so we didn't know what time it was for a majority of our trip. I remember i checked my phone and it was 1030PM, but then i tried to tell my sister and her friend that it has been a while since i checked my phone, but i didn't really know what a "while" was. Time seemed confusing for some reason. It was hard to tell at times if it was over or not. We went inside and watched spongebob once our dad went to bed. I remember the episode ending with a picture of a can of tuna and it was funny as hell. Overall experience was a great one. I feel like large amounts of comfort, enough time, 3 or more people, positive mindset and positive attitude are essential to a good trip.

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