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Norwegian Mountain Trip

With friends

Saturday afternoon, small town, Norway.

1,5 - 2,0 gram of dried liberty cap each


"N" and his girlfriend "K" came over to my place with their back packed and suitable clothing. Today we were gonna have mushrooms, norwegian-autumn style! Oh yeah! Earlier I had walked to the shop that has electric things to buy a jack-plug. It would enable the three of us to connect our music players to a small-awesome-portable-and-battery-driven-amplifier that K had packed with her. We also brought my electric guitar, a bubble blower, a green laser pen, sketchbook, plus pencils, flashlight, cups, nuts, cameras and tea.

Going Outside:

We put our shoes on and headed outside and towards the mountain with smiles on our faces!  When we got further from civilization, we had a small break from walking at the lake beneath the mountain. We all sat down on a wooden bench and had each our cup of the magical-mystery-mushroom-tea and enjoyed the view of the lake! 

We came to the foot of the mountain, and started walking up a pathway. A few people in the area were going for walks with each other and their dogs and so on. It was getting closer to sundown, so I was expecting people to sort of eventually be back to their house-boxes to look at a box that talks about a box. By now we were surrounded by trees on both sides as we headed up the mountain. I could feel a small hint of the fungi starting to come around, and it was as if every step from now on would only get us higher and higher. (not only literally!) On the way up we greeted an old fellow-man who was on his way down. He had ski poles and commented on the guitar I was carrying and asked me if N and K were going to be doing the singing?  We all laughed and said "farvel!" and "hadetbra!" and carried on.


Finally arriving at our location! At the leg of the mountain! (It's too high up to get all the way to the top of the head sometimes.) I was pretty much arrived also with the shrooms. It seemed N was also arrived.  We put all our things down on the ground and laid on "Huge Stone", that would become our dear friend for the evening. N immediately got caught up with the big, grey clouds passing over us. Soon we were all hooked and looked at them. They were intensely surreal-looking,  like liquid smoke forever morphing into different shapes. Quickly and slowly simultaneously. Pulsating, sort of glowing and alive. There wasn't so much sun that day, but the mad crazy clouds made up for it! I took a picture of them:

We were all laying on Huge Stone, giggling, while facing the sky. Then K put on some music from a tiny speaker-gadget that she pulled out from her pocket or something! It was a woman singing, and N speculated that the clouds were enjoying the song as well! No one could disagree. Eventually I brought out K's amplifier from their backpack and plugged in the guitar:

Volume was much better than I expected!  It was a fun experience to be sitting on the mountain with the electric guitar. I and the guitar were a bit out of tune at first, but we fixed that eventually. I then handed it over to K,  and got up to promenade around, re-exploring the location. Then N took it a step further by wandering into the trees and disappearing from sight. I waited a bit, and then went into the trees myself. I found him sitting in the middle of the trees with his iPhone. He was wearing his purple headphones and looking at a video clip on his iPhone. I took a picture:

We laughed, and walked back to Huge Stone. We were taking turns on the guitar, while just enjoying the great view over the town beneath us, the thick forest around us, the mountain behind us , bizarre clouds above us, and a big blue fjord next to the town, to top the whole thing. K was enjoying her new green jacket. Here's a picture I took of N (right) and K (left):

N and K went back into the trees and wilderness, while I sat on Huge Stone with the guitar, playing loudly until one guitar string came off and broke apart.  I had brought extra strings with me but instead of fixing it I just packed it away and connected my iPod instead. The Doors. Great. Perfect! I heard voices,  so I went into the trees to look for N and K, and found them both sitting comfortably in "earth chairs" as I later labeled them.  It turned out a group of four people, two guys and two girls, were just coming down from the mountain-head-top. They curiously gathered around our little camp at Huge Stone while the amplifier was playing "Röyksopp - Eple" all over the place! We came out from the trees and greeted them. One of the girls asked me if we were having a party. I replied  "Just a mountain-trip!"  (no pun attended)  They looked happy and a bit surprised. The girl said she wished she had a six-pack of beer. Then they left.

We put "Ott" on the speaker-amplifier-electrical-box. Beautiful ambient psychedelic electronic sounds were coming out from the box. The moment called for our first out of two joints that we brought. It was getting dark by now. K kept mentioning how happy she was about her new big jacket to keep her warm. We were all smiling and giggling as the joint passed around. The music was taking us somewhere else and we went silent a bit. I told N and K about how I heard of some native-american tradition ritual where sons of a tribe reached a certain age, would be sent into the wilderness to survive for days, also under the influence of hallucinogenic plants. Then I got up and wandered off into some scrub, breaking branches to make myself a walking stick. I found a big one with moss all over it and I called it "Ja"  . When I later returned to Huge Stone I declared to N and K that I had been confirmed. 

N went to sit on another stone rather than Huge Stone. Small Stone? He blew a bubble:

Shortly after, me and N went into the trees again to have a closer look with my tiny LED flashlight! We were extremely fascinated by the trees. Studying them up close.  The yellow moss, the flakey bark and the stiff, dry textures. We found this one tree that looked a bit older than the others, and had a sort of manly shape. We named him "Ragnar" and agreed that he looked like he had alot of experience. N said that we have much to learn from him. N made a comment on how trees are like penises growing out of the ground. We were laughing like hyenas at this point. N decided to climb Ragnar. Then he pissed on him. N later regretted it a bit saying "I hope Ragnar didn't get offended by it" to which I reassured N that it's good for nitrogen.

We went back to find K sitting at Huge Stone. She said she was feeling "ecstatic". Then she wondered if that was a real word. I told her it is. She told us how much she was enjoying herself, and how she felt like she was really waking up to alot of things and feeling awesome. We tried to enlighten her on the joys of wandering into the trees with the LED,  get lost and find herself.  She decided that she was going to head in, but first we lit the second and final joint. I was going on about starting an organization for trees, that would bring more nature back into civilization.  We'll be hosting a peaceful demonstration where we plant seeds and tiny trees around streets and at public places. Yes it might be breaking the law, but think about it; a tiny tree, it won't upset or bother anyone. People might not even take notice of it at all. But then, hundred years later, BOOM!  Big fucking tree!  Organic-bomb!

I got N with me on the idea. Then we both laughed. I had to sit down from laughing... We all took turns on hanging at Huge Stone and wandering into the trees. I loved laying down in an "earth-chair" and let it consume me. It was like instant meditation in your face. I remember wishing to be able to cut out a hand-picked ton of ground, with roots, stones, and grass and everything. Put it on 4 legs to have inside my room back at home. Earth-Chair! We  gazed at the streets all lit up. The houses and cars looked really tiny from our vantage-point. It was like observing an ant colony like K pointed out. We tried to spot some people too but they would be too tiny for us to see. Everywhere we looked there was a car going from A to B. Everyone seemed to be going somewhere specific, except us. Also half of the electricity had gone out in the town. It made me think how addicted we are to it.

N blew some more bubbles, I then found the laser pen to shoot its green beam directly at N's soap bubbles, and it looked AMAZING! The green light reflected everywhere, and it looked like absolute magic. At the same time Gorillaz was playing and all three of us became hypnotized by the whole thing. But for some reason we didn't take pictures of it. We were too awestruck just looking the magic of bubbles and light. Too bad. Really...

Each of us continued to proclaim how amazing this journey turned out, and expressing gratefulness towards each other. Also K's amplifier, and the mushroom itself, allowing this experience to happen. I was very happy to be with N and K and seeing them having such a great magical experience, and it made me miss my girlfriend (that lives in Poland). Wishing that I could share the moment with her. I had gone against my own principles and left my phone on for the evening, to allow her to call or text me. I decided to text her and concentrated on managing my phone, to write and ask how she was and let her know she was missed. She texted back and it felt really good to hear from her. It was challenging to manage my phone because it was glowing so intensely. I wished her a fun saturday night.  Another friend of mine texted me later, asking "what's up?". I replied "The mountain. Mushrooms. ha-ha!" - - he then went somewhere and got wasted and didn't write back.


Heading home:

Midnight was closing in and we packed and started heading back down. K pointed out that me and N were walking too fast, and she was right about that! We all slowed down our phase and appreciated the last sight of the trees and nature surrounding us. I was telling the trees "Goodbye! Thanks for having us!" K had the amplifier strapped around her shoulder, with dub-beats coming out of it, as we did a slow-phased walk-down the mountain leg.  

We had come down from the mountain. Me and N were talking about something completely pointless when K turned off her amp and told us to shut up and listen.  She did a good job at keeping us more aware.  It was the sound of a small stream next to us. It was a really pleasant, calming and innocent sound.. Heres N and K right after she told us to shut up:

From then on we stayed quiet for a while. We came to a big graveyard and K lead us into it. There were candles lit up on many of the graves. We came to a bench and put our things down. K sat down on the bench, while me and N laid in the grass in front of it. By now the mushrooms had calmed down alot for me, ever since we came down from the mountain.I thought it was much more comfortable with the grass  than the bench. It was completely dark by now and we spotted our first set of stars where there was an opening in the clouds.  "I think that's my zodiac." Said K

I told them I was seeing a moving star. N explained that it wasn't the stars moving, but the clouds, thus creating an illusion. But I know what I saw... K came over to try out the grass and laid down next to N for a while. We still didn't say much at this point. It was quite peaceful to just lay there and look at the stars twinkling. They seemed to glow more than usual.

We made a move. Then, almost home I realized I had left my guitar at the bench. I walked N and K to my place and told them to feel free to heat up a pizza and roll a joint while I go back to get my guitar.  I called a friend of mine who was at a party and asked her if she had a bike I could borrow. She answered no, and asked why I needed one.  I said "because I have to pick up my electric guitar at the graveyard." She asked if I had been shrooming again.

I gave up on calling my friends and having them laugh at me, so I just headed out on foot. It was just me joined by Syd Barrett on the headphones. The moon was lighting up and guiding me along the way. I took a picture with my phone:

The fresh air was really nice, and I didn't mind much going back outside at all!  "I love the outside! It's the biggest room I know!" I said to N earlier at Huge Stone. I missed Huge Stone. I found my guitar, leaning lonely against the bench. It felt good picking it up. On my way back I came to a house which had a dog laying outside in the yard, tied to a leash. It looked melancholic, but I didn't get much of a reaction from him when I tried calling it. He was looking at me but not moving, so I sat down next to him, and moved closer and closer, really slowly , putting my hand out. When my hand touched him it felt really good. I was scratching him and petting him for what seemed like 15 minutes. We were both really enjoying each other's company. I felt like I made a new friend. He didn't exactly have that "I love all humans!" thing going that quite a lot of dogs do, but he seemed to like me. I tried to play around with him abit. He did get up, but then went: "You know, I'm not really into that right now but feel free to stay for longer, or take me with you."


It was hard leaving him. I remember the incident made me miss our dogs back at my mom's house. I also missed my tripping-buddies. And I missed my girlfriend. When I got back home, I found K and N at the sofas in the living room. K was sortof just chilling while N was messing with lego. There was the pizza on the table, but they had barely touched it.  "It got dropped on the floor" N pointed out, with a slight disappointment in his voice. I still had a slice, and pretended I didn't just hear that.

K passed out on the couch, me and N started creating different spinning tops from lego pieces. We had alot of fun sending the lego-tops all over the floor and making them spin at the same time. I rolled a third and final joint for the night, which me and N smoked on the balcony while reflecting on our journey, and assorted ranting over different subjects. I think I kept bringing up my tree-organization idea. Eventually we went back inside, and N went and laid down with K on the couch.  I took of my clothes and laid in my bed. And that's all I remember! Hope you enjoyed it! 

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