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Laugh, Hallucinate, and Tune In!

This is what Shrooms are about!

  Hi, my name is Devin and Im 19 years old. Lets cut to the chase!

  It was a warm summers night in Canada when me and four others (My brother D, and his friends R,T, and V) decided to do some shrooms. It didnt take long for them to arrive and we quickly indulged. It was a big bag of dried, grounded up shrooms and everyone was gagging and choking as we chowed them down. It was like eating dust that tasted like shit! I had about 3 grams and I think everyone had about the same. Everyone was feeling good and excited about the trip and we planned a walk to our high school which was about an hours walk. We set off excited and ready to experience a higher level of consciousness!

  About 20 minutes up the road I started getting the giggles. This suprised everyone I think, and it suprised me too! Add another 10 minutes and everyone had a slight giggle going on. Walking up the road a ways I started to feel heavy, like I was walking against the road. The street lights looked brighter and everything was very funny. It suprised me when R mentioned that he had the feeling that he was walking against the road too, and we all laughed at this concept. When we got to the end of this road everyone was just about at the peak of the trip, but this was just the start.

  At the end of the road we kitty-cornered into an adjacent neighbourhood. Now, these are like cozy little neighbourhoods with small houses and big trees hanging over the roads with the odd street light, a perfect setting for a trip. As we are staggering into this one block I looked at this one tree and never before had it looked so big, and beautiful. It seemed like it was growing right in front of me! I looked down at the road and all the rocks in the road were replaced with mother of pearl dots! Then someone said look at the sky! So I did. The night sky was full of the biggest, brightest stars I have ever seen! I thought to myself this is Wonderland down to a tea! The whole walk through these neighbourhoods was the craziest part of the trip. Everyone was just gut-laughing and staggering through this cartoon world! Eventually we made it out of this cartoon world and into my house.

  As we get to my house D, T, and V walked in but me and R straggled behind a bit. As me and R walk through the door I grabbed his shoulders and all of a sudden me and him were a fast moving train zooming through the hallway to my brothers room. Everything was moving so fast! When we made it to my brothers room T and V were on the ground rubbing the carpet laughing and D had something in his hands saying it was like the holy grail or something. We all had a good gut-laugh at this and eventually made are way out of the house and continued are journey to the school.

  Now by this point everyone was peaking. As we are walking up to the school the most anyone can get out was ...ugghhh....wah!....hahahaha.....oooo....WHA! Time was meaningless. All the senses were altered and movement was almost impossible. Its about a 5 minute walk to the school from my house and it took us about 20. When we finally got to the school the grass on the field felt like it was 2 feet tall, when really its about 3 inches maybe, and the school felt like it was a castle up on a hill. We staggered upon a group of teens drinking on the field and D, T, and R were very excited about talking with these strange beings, while me and V stood by and laughed at the concept of sober people. Eventually the group wandered on and D, T, R and V wandered up to this hill overlooking the field and school. Somehow I was left behind.

  At this point of the trip I was very spaced out. As Im walking along the field toward the hill I pulled something out of my pocket. It was my cellphone. I looked at the screen and on it were about 50 small rotating translucent flowers. I thought to myself that I needed some flowers at this point, and worried about it for a little while. Then I heard someone call my name and say YOU GOTTA SEE THIS MAN! It was my brothers voice and for some reason, like my life depended on it, I sprinted full boar up to him and the others on the hill. When I got up there they were lying down looking at the stars. I looked up, and for what seemed like a long time, I was on top of the world looking into the galaxy. I swear I seen at least 20 shooting stars! This brought me to my knees and I began thinking of how this whole galaxy thing started.

  For some reason everyone but me wandered down the hill to another part of the field. This was the start of my bad trip. I remember standing in one spot thinking to myself that I was stuck in eternity. No escape. I couldnt move or think and this was eternity! I remember seeing the guys about 100 yards away and thought that they were looking at me thinking that I was crazy, when really they were just tripping balls. Eventually, they came back and were asking what I was doing. I couldnt reply. V said that I pulled my cell phone out very slowly, put it against my ear, and said Hello, Mr President. A little more of this and the guys were coming down. We started making our way home and I started to think that we were in a very bad place and that we were a group of thugs that didnt take shit from no one. I swore at the group from earlier, saying I would kick their fucking asses, which is totally something I would never do! When we got home I stayed out, while the others went in. BAD IDEA! I went to the front door and it was locked! This totally baffled me as I stood at the door thinking I was trapt outside for eternity! I walked down the front steps and thought to myself that I was going to walk across the country. I thought its more than possible and that I should go now! Anyway, after about 20 minutes of me walking back and forth on the front lawn, D came and put me inside. Inside looked like a army bunker or something and that we were hiding from the enemy. I ACTUALLY thought this! I went upstairs and laid on the floor for about half hour. Eternity racing through my mind. ETERNITY!

  My brother eventually came up and put me to bed. Thank god for him cause he calmed me down as I came out of it. I will never forget this night as it was so powerful and fun at the same time. This was my second time on shrooms and Ive done them after this, but this was by far the most powerful trip out of the three. To all trippers out there be careful how much you take and make sure your outside going for a walk with friends. Anyway hope you enjoyed this story and safe tripping! PEACE!

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