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Infinite Tranclucents

Another great LSD trip

1 hit of LSD; “Budha Palms” ~150ug NeedlePoint.

   I and a friend planned to dose these new hits I had gotten that week early in the morning, so we could see the sunrise. I have plenty of experiance with psychedelics.

I tried to sleep the night before, but failed, so I stayed up till 4am and met up with him. We met on my porch, dosed the hits at a little past 5, and walked towards the nearest park/Golf course. After climbing through some wilderness to get inside the golf course, we followed a sidewalk to a pond that had a bench nearby, a place we had tripped several times before during the day. We sat on the bench and smoked a bowl or two of his Ak-47, and decided to move on.
We walked up a nearby hill in order to see the sun rise better. We stopped at the end of the sidewalk, a small “cal-de-sac” with a ball wash and a few holes nearby. We sat and smoked another bowl, and that’s when Lucy’s warm embrace. We looked into the sky and saw 2 bands of light streaming from the hills, the first signs that the sun was on its way to grace us with its light and presence. The stars were much defined; some seemed to be moving like satellites. A colorful aura enveloped the full moon, making seem less white and more colorful. The light blues in the distance started to take over the dark blue of the early morning sky, ribbons of pink and gold starting to pear from the hills. At this point, the sky in front of us was blue and pink with streaming white clouds, and behind us was the Moon, Jupiter, and the stars. I looked around at the trees and grass, I could see them changing from a dark blue to a lighter deep green. Despite how bright the world started to seem, the sun was still not even visible. We heard a golf cart in the distance, but could not decipher how far away it was. It drove close to us but turned away at the last second, this was very relieving to us. My friend pulled out his Ipod and played this “Wonderful African Chill out Music” (link below)). It went perfectly with the sun rising, and the now oddly looking African landscape before us. As the music played the trees began to dance in unison, with a slight color-flow following them. Branched were twirling and swirling, like they often do when I trip on acid. Soon we heard another cart come by, this time it was riding toward us. We stood up as the cart got close, and riding it was a Mexican man. We began to move out of his way, but then he flashed us a “thumbs up” (as to tell us not to worry about moving), so we sat back down. He started to clean or golf; I really could not tell what he was doing.
We soon decided to go to a new area. We walked back to the original pond, and sat back down to continue staring at the sky. We got there and suddenly a noise started to fill the air, quiet at first, but then growing, multiplying, as if getting really close. Soon all of our senses were filled with the noise, and then the culprit showed itself. A huge flock of birds exploded out of the trees behind us, hundreds of birds filled the sky, and started to swarm together, dancing and twisting, spinning and diving. They were catching bugs I imagine, as they did this colors seemed to flow out from behind them, distorting the air in a similar way to my previous shroom trip. The birds would rest and then come back, and we watched this for some time, shocked by nature’s beauty. It was now day time and the mosquitoes started to bite, so we headed back to my place.  The sounds of cars going to work and school filled the air, a car driving by every few minutes. We arrived at my place, and sat down to enjoy some Star Trek and a few bowls of Train Wreck. We watched as Picard’s skin started to crawl, like bugs swimming under his skin. The TV screen then started to bubble and melt, colors slightly flowing down the screen. “These are intense visuals for just one hit” I remember thinking several times.
I looked away from the screen and looked at my wall paper. The rows on the paper began to flow back and forth, side to side, floating above the wall. The then began to kaleidoscope. I looked at the DVR beneath the TV and it seemed to jump up, kind of like a tidal wave, then sit back down, the numbers on the clock franticly trying to find they’re places. Colors began to flow on the white parts of the wall, moving like a transparent flag. We soon decided to walk to Quick Trip for drinks. I got into my car to find some change. I got out of the car and looked down at the quarters in my hand, they were incredibly shiny, there sizes dilating and undulating. The sunlight hit the coins and a rainbow of color began to flow into and around the quarter, the quarter then looked infinitely translucent, a concept impossible to comprehend to the sober mind. I stared, aw-stuck at the concept of what I had thought I saw. I soon snapped out of it and we began to walk. We walked and it was beautiful outside, the trees still moving, melting, twirling and swirling around us, patterns emerging and disappearing in the sidewalks and roads. The cars driving by seemed to hop up and down, changing sizes and making a plethora of odd noises.  We arrived at the Quick Trip and got our drinks, the clerk behind the counter looked like she had midget legs and a normal body; it was hard not to laugh. We walked out with what we call “smiley douche syndrome”, a common side effect of LSD. We arrived back at the house and listened to random music. We sat listening to a song sung by Elton John and some back lady. Their voices seemed identical. I then got some of the first audio hallucinations I have ever gotten from LSD. The voices sounded as if they were being dragged underwater, then being pulled back above it. They then seemed to be pulled through a tube, a tube I could see very vividly in my mind. Was this seeing sound? I closed my eyes and the audio distortions continued the sound flowing through a tube on unending color flow and beauty. My friend soon received a phone call from his sister who had just totaled her car, my friend being the only one available to get her. He had to leave and get her while tripping, which worried me insanely. I knew he would have to deal with cops and such, which made it worse. He called me an hour later, telling me that everything had gone fine; this was relieving to say the least.  I spent the rest of the day smoking and watching science shows. ****
This new batch of LSD is fantastic, A++.




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