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LSD + Maui Wowie = HOLY SHIT

"I hope you brought your parachutes with you"

Let me just start off by saying that my first acid trip taught me that Jimi Hendrix was a fucking genius. He knew EXACTLY what he was doing when he was putting together those psychedelic tracks like purple haze, third stone from the sun, and my favorite song of all time, Room Full of Mirrors. Next time you trip anything, listen to room full of mirrors with high quality over ear headphones (bose, dre beatz, etc), and you'll know what i mean. 

Anyways, i got two tabs in late september at a club, and was told that they were really good. Originally i had planned to do 1 tab on 2 seperate occasions, on days that i was completely free. So, i put my tabs in a plastic bag and locked it in my safe.  About 2 weeks had past and i finally got a day where i did not have any plans. I don't know much about lucy storage and how long they stay potent, so i was worried about what if my tabs lost potency and i end up having a weak trip off one tab. So i said fuck it, and decided to take both of them. 

I dosed at about 11:15 am. After about an hour and 30 minutes, i knew that i was tripping but i was expecting something more intense. I had visuals but they were nothing compared to my last shroom trip, and i had zero closed eyes visuals, which is my favorite part of psychedelic trip. So i was pretty damn blown. 

Just in case i was dissapointed in the strength of my trip, i had my v-tower vape already set up with nice bowl of maui wowie....Man o man, i took 5 hits of it and 5 minutes later, i was on another planet. 

The first thing i noticed is that things were moving very slow. If i were to whip my head from left to right and back, it would feel like an eternity. The carpet was doing all sorts of crazy shit... And omg, the CEV, them shits were amazing. It was basically high grade sativa CEV x 1000. 

I definetly could tell a very unique difference between shrooms and acid. Shrooms is much more of an earthier feel, and to me there is a greater chance of not having a pleasureable trip, but also having a good one at the same time. The CEV on shrooms scared the shit outta me, not in a bad trip kinda way, but more like a people don't know what the mind is capable of type of way. I was seeing fucking faces man, antimated faces behind my eyelids. The entire time i was asking myself, why am i seeing these faces. 

Acid, on the other hand is more of a LOL that was cool kinda trip. All i saw were very bright 3D colors when i closed my eyes, almost felt like i was attending a rave in my consciousness. At the same time i was very easy for me to sit and chat and chill with the people in my dorm. Word got out and they knew that i was tripping, so when i went upstairs to the community lounge to hang out, everyone in the room (most who havent even smoked tree), got completely quiet and started staring at me. With a smirk on my face, i said "why is everyone acting so weird" to which everyone laughed and started acting normal again. They would have not been able to tell that i was tripping if they did not already know. Shrooms on the other hand, for me, i don't think so. I get to quiet and peaceful in a social setting for someone not to ask me what was up with me. 

Another thing that i found pretty cool was playing my guitar. The sounds coming out of my amplifier sounded so sharp...It's pretty obvious why so many musicians record music while using lsd. 

Overall, the trip was fun as hell!!

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