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Naming "things" is a part of our general communication

Well I tried them for the first time... I am not sure which level it was. I was nervous about the whole thing but at any rate I munched up 2g of dried. I think the first moment that I started to realize something was while I was still on the chat function of this site. The first thing I noticed is that the little cursor than is in front of the text as you type, was moving differently... hard to explain but as you type the letters appear well I was looking at that in a different light... like insted of typing and a letter just appearing it seemed to come from the cursor. I sorta wanted to see something other than the computer screen so I went and watched some tv. I tried watching a few things... I had to change the channel at a moments notice when I seen or heard something that was not pleasing. For example I was watching man and woman vs wild and when they had the nightvision cam shot up I did not like all the green and also did not care for the wild animal sounds in the background so I tried a few other channels  Which proved frustrating. I typed in a channel number on the remote and I got one of those error msg. on the satalite this is when I noticed that there was some color anomalies. I tried a few more channels and then i was taken back by the trailing effects and I decided that all these colors and movements are a overload(the sights of the different things gave me deep feelings, worrisome feelings and my mind would race) so I thought I would try some music.. from the "cd channels" on the tv... This was not comforting either so decided to turn the tv off..I then felt somewhat alone... and that I needed the company of someone... so I got back on the chat.

I was greeted by a few helping hands who knew where I was and what I was going through, this eased me to some extent....all the while I was noticing that while trying to focus on the words in chat they were sorta slowly pulsating neon green and gradually moving to neon pink around the black letters. The keyboard kept changing perspective on me making it difficult momentarily to type but once I focused in I was able to continue. I had a few moments where time was "dislocated" I would feel like my brain was just a few steps ahead of my body. I quicly realised that when I felt accepted and people where being a friend to me  that I would feel good and the scaryness of it would fade..I remember trembling as if I were really cold. Some of the folks on chat recomended a few music videos etc...The sounds where somewhat intrusive.. I did try to listen but I  was a little taken back by the vividness
After this difficult part i would say 3 hrs into it I started to feel ok... i was easing into a more pleasant state since I had realized that the trip is only as bad as you make it. was able to listen to a few songs... went outside and looked at the stars... sleeping was a little bit difficult but it was not too bad.. slept 5 hrs occasionaly waking up to a dizzy spining feel nothing too major. ... I am remebering these things as they come to me... so I also remebering that while talking to the guys in chat that I was ok because the people I was talking to was privy to what I was doing... almost like they were in the same world as me even tho they probably were not tripping..... this morning I felt fine.. although sitting here typing at the computer is proving tireing...keep having to rest my head on the desk :P ... I realize why "hippies and psycedelic folks" talk a lot about love... because when you are accepted by people and you feel welcomed the experience is good... but if you are worried and let your mind wander it can be scary at times... dont know where to fit this but I remeber having some insight on "reality" and how as human beings we really only exist in our own reality and that most of what we see and feel is "projected" as well as a few moments where my mind contemplated infinity... and when it did... it seems as I was "in the infinity" like I was there for infinity even tho it was only for a  few seconds.... but anyway I woke up and thought I would post up what happend... for some reason the word nomenclature popped into my head.... i mean out of nowhere.. I did not even know the definition... when I looked it up.... it was quite strange... to read the definition.... I will quote from wikipedia-

Nomenclature is a term that applies to either a list of names and/or terms, or to the system of principles, procedures and terms related to naming - which is the assigning of a word or phrase to a particular object or property.[1][clarification needed] The principles of naming vary from the relatively informal conventions of everyday speech to the internationally-agreed principles, rules and recommendations that govern the formation and use of the specialist terms used in scientific and other disciplines.

Naming "things" is a part of our general communication using words and language: it is an aspect of everyday taxonomy as we distinguish the objects of our experience, together with their similarities and differences, which we identify, name and classify. The use of names, as the many different kinds of nouns embedded in different languages, connects nomenclature to theoretical linguistics, while the way we mentally structure the world in relation to word meanings and experience relates to the philosophy of language.

Onomastics,the study of proper names and their origins, includes: anthroponymy, concerned with human names, including personal names, surnames and nicknames; toponymy the study of place names; and etymology, the derivation, history and use of names as revealed through comparative and descriptive linguistics.

The scientific need for simple, stable and internationally-accepted systems for naming objects of the natural world has generated many formal nomenclatural systems. Probably the best known of these nomenclatural systems are the five codes of biological nomenclature that govern the Latinized scientific names of organisms.

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