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2012,some are informed.please help

God's warning or messages for humanity

Well, the more trip reports I read the more im tripping...ive had that feeling of '' you cant go further without dying''. waking up means losing your physical body.

Through my shroom trips ive recieved messages.
the first messages i recieved were not words.they were felt.
these messages were.

''the hardest thing will be to say goodbye to everything you know''

''there is no time left'' ''there is no time left'' ''you must wake up''... 
and then a few trip later with the experience and knowlege.I gave all what I could to the mushrooms.
And for the first time they spoke to me. .with crystal clear words. from the universal fractal entity god everything thing you experience on a level five.the warning some of you recieved... it was real.
what that thing spoke to me was the following,

This.(making me observe some 3 dimensional pentagon shaped thing with sings letters patterns numbers all over it. all colored of gold.it was part of ''GodEntity' too,and that thing. was spinning.in every possible direction in any possible way).this thing.well,its a bomb.and it is about to explode.there is very little time left,you must wake up.
Ever since that trip.my dreams... I control them like never,...I dream everyday now,but everytime i think about 2012. i have this huge countdown kind of feeling in my heart going tic toc,tic toc.

it is the only time where i had a conversation with the mushrooms.i could speak to dead people. had a 5 minute long talk with terrence mckenna. he appeared in bright white light, he spoke my name.with his real living voice,yet ive never met him in real life.and again i could hear it clear as crystal. he seemed happy.but also very troubled by what is comming. and he told me. look,i know it may not sound easy,but trust me.if you knew... you would do it(waking up), but when you'l know,its gonna be to late.and i cannot tell you. you must do it yourself.

so basicaly ive got until 2012 to wake up and see if i am not totaly crazy. even if all of this sounds mad,to a superior level.this is not a joke,some people will see this message,and not they will believe it.but they will go like oh fuck,,,shit.... this was not a joke... i was not tripping..because i know i am not the only one who recieved the message

and this,must be spoken of. this. i mean  all of you know whats bullshit and whats not.and i understand, that not all can understand. but for those of you.this is my most precious gift and knowlege.
i believe here is a place where this information can reach the intended,comment what you think.

love and fun to all,because peace is boring and never works.

and how mushrooms would know all that if god didnt tell them and send them to us.

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