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First shroom trip

2 gs dried

I had wanted to try shrooms for years, but they were never available to me. It was August 12, 2010 and a friend and I each got 2 grams of dried shrooms and tried them each for our first times, though he hadn%u2019t tripped on anything before. We broke up the shrooms into small pieces and chewed them for a good while before swallowing them. I was very surprised how quickly they kicked in. I hadn%u2019t eaten in about 9 hours, so that could have had something to do with it, but within 15 minutes I had a rather strong and different body high that was rapidly growing stronger. I was beginning to feel nauseous and disoriented. I had a hard time standing up and walking around, so I sat in the chair for a few minutes letting it kick in. I ended up becoming a little worried because of how strong they were becoming in that short amount of time, and my dealer had said they weren%u2019t very strong. As they continued kicking in, we were relaxing on the couch listening to music with trippy visuals on the TV. The music went from mundane and ordinary to spectacular and mystical. Each song had its own vibe from it, and I felt s though the lyrics almost spoke to me. The lights and colors throughout the room seemed extremely vibrant and entertaining. I got to a point where I could slow the music down in my head and it would get very deep, and then I would speed it up and it would be high pitched, which was very trippy to say the least. Smoking weed while on them distorted my vision quite a bit at first. I never got intense visuals such as walls breathing or anything, but there was a general waviness/distortion in my vision especially after smoking. My mind was constantly active and almost seemed as though I was in a cycle. I didn%u2019t notice it much when it was happening, but now as I think of it I%u2019d often see, think, and do the same few things throughout the night. I started trying to play a video game online, which was very intense. I felt as though I was within the game, and it all seemed so real. I also went outside for a few minutes and I felt feelings of wonder looking at all the life out there, and noticed the windows and sides of houses slightly move around. The entire experience was quite pleasant and dream-like, much like LSD though less visual, less stimulating, and more mystical.

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