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First, Worst, Best Experience of my life.

2 hits of acid

So swim had a bad day at work. Towards the end of the day swim got offered to by hits of acid off a co worker. He agreed and bought 2 hits.
He took these hits home around 1200am. He had planned to try it that night, his first time trying acid and it was going to be alone in his room
He did alot of research on it online first. Read to never do it alone, ignored it.
He was nervous, anxiety was flooding his body, along with fear and paranoia of what this drug was going to do and if i would experience a bad trip
Weed alone gets swim anxious, swim doesn't even like it anymore. He used to but had a bad experience with a cop and ever since didn't like weed
Anyways back to swims story.
Swim is 18 and has a really cool father who always stated everything is okay in moderation, if something you take you can not manage to only do once in awhile it should never be taken (drugs like crack)
So swim showed his father the doses, his father explained that it was very late and the fact that swim had work at 2pm the next day. and wouldn't fall asleep before that time came. That acid is VERY VERY strong and should be used with caution. He said your next day off drop at around noon. you'll be fine by nighttime and will be able to sleep
Swim went into his room discouraged. It was around 1 am by this point and he was getting curious. So did a little more research on the drug and finally took a half of hit regardless of all the warning and fears. after an hour nothing was happening. Swim smoked a small amount of herbal incense (legal weed containing jwh) and mad him feel a little goofy but nothing serious. So he took the other half. another hour passed and he was getting aggravated. It was now 3 am and he hadn't felt a thing from a whole hit. So he recklessly dropped the other hit. But this time he didn't spit it out after 3 minutes. He sucked on that blotter paper for a good half hour. He started to giggle and things were very fun for him. But no hallucinating, yet. He smoked 2, literally 2 hits of mr happy potpourri (legal weed mentioned before) And he his trip started. Violently. He immdietly jumped up turned out the lights and covered his head. The feelings were overwhelming. Swim tried to convince himself that it was this intense because of the weed. That he couldn't be tripping because there were no visualizations. It was 4 am now and he was freaking out. Getting in and out of bed. Turning on and off the light. Everytime he would return to bed he would think the other option was better. He got up and sat on the couch with his father. One look and swims father new he was tripping hard. He asked how much of it swim had took. He could barely talk. Luckly swims father has hearing problems anyway and didnt hear swims jumbled response. Swim managed to get out the words. Im going outside for a smoke. The cold air didnt help. Swim took 2 hits and through his cigg in the street. On the way inside he told himself. Okay well obviously this isnt going to just last a few minutes. I went into my room with intent of finding warmer clothes to leave. All his clothes were piled in his clothset. He simply could not keep enough focus to find jeans. He was stuck inside. Swim shut off his light and layed down. By this time the acid had hit its full peak and the hallucinations started. Very scary things on his wall were appearing and He decided to shut his eyes for awhile. He also attempted to play video games on his laptop to keep his mind off it. Nothing was helping. The visions and sensations were way too violent. He managed to play a youtube clip of some calming music. He repeated this process for hours. Waiting for this trip to be over. In the whole trip with his eyes closed he was very scared and overwelmed. but he also understood the world in a new light. understood all the hippies rambling on about weird things. And all the pictures and videos directed towards LSD usage. He finally stopped fighting the effects of the acid and let them come on. They were still horrible horrible deep violently scary thoughts and visions. I suppose swim had maybe 5 minutes of happiness in the whole 5 hours his peak lasted. People were screaming at him, life was twisted upside down and swim visited the very depths of hell. It was all to scary. But swim learned alot, that honesty was the best policy (admitting to his father he was tripping when his father warned him not to) Facing his fears (he could not control the bad trip so he let it take him over) Swim now apperciates his life alot more and is making some positive changes. But swim is still curious as to if he were to try acid again. If he could achieve a good trip. He has plans to spend a day this spring hiking with a friend. His friend is very experienced in the world of psychedelics. Swim is comfortable with his friend and loves the outdoors. But should he try it and risk having a bad trip so far from his family and home.
What are your thoughts on what happend to me? could it be because i ignored the warning? maybe it was bad acid? Have a ruined my tripping experiences for the rest of my life? 
supposedly each hit had 500mics on it. Which from research seems that it is probably untrue. but you cant believe what you see on the internet.
LIke i said. the trip peak lasted around 3 to 5 hours (considering the doses were spread out) being finally 100 percent sober didnt happen until around 18 hours after dropping first hit)

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