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Nuclear Death

Long story short.

Long story short... Some friends and I back in 96 when I was 16 dosed up and went to the lake. My dads boat was there and we proceded to go out for a cruise and swim. This was on a wednesday, we were out of school for the local fair. The lake was empty of people which just felt weird,but anyway. One of my friends was up on the 3rd and highest cliff while I was manning the boat and a few others where floating around in the water. Now I personally have jumped off the first cliff several times. I have climbed to the second but its to fuckin high. So as hes up their the fukin nuclear siren alarm at the damn goes off. PANIC ......OMG I yelled at everybody to get in the boat but I just knew we were about to be swollowed by a firey cloud of death. So everybody was in the boat except Josh who was on the 3rd cliff. Now I grew up on Watts Barr lake and have never seen anyone jump off the 3rd cliff, and Josh wasnt about to become the first. JUMP JUMP LETS GO COME ON we all yelled but of course he proceded to climb down. This took about 3 or 5 min all of which I was just shaking in fear of the fact that I was about to be victim of nuclear meltdown "the damn was in eye sight". It was strange because I was physically scared but my mind knew that death would be swift. Anyway he got down and we halled ass back to the dock, locked up the trailer "mobile home" and drove swiftly to a friends house down the road and asked him WTF was going on. Now I had almost always been at the lake on the weekends. But Laughing at all of us who were white with fear he said.... "they test the sirens every wed at 12:00".....Ill never forget buddercat@hotmail.com

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