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First 4-ACO-DMT experience with MAOI

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Hey guys, i just had my first experience with 4-aco-dmt.. I haven't seen too many trip reports of mixing 4-aco-dmt with an MAOI on shroomery or even erowid so i figured i'd give the "super powered steroid experience" of 4-aco-dmt a "shot" with the aid of
330mg of harmaline..
The harmaline was from syrian rue that I extracted, the extract was a crystaline salt that was almost perfectly shaped cubes or disks. Under a black light these crystals have a heavy orange/yellow glow and when dissolved in water it would glow blue/green, i thought that was quite cool.

i much prefer harmaline extract opposed to straight seed because last time i mixed syrian rue seeds with mushrooms i had a horrificly painful tummy-ache
through-out the whole trip, i remeber thinking i was dead from the pain LOL..

anyways back to the recent experience...

The Dose was 330mg of harmaline, and 35-40mg of 4-aco-dmt
and im frequently hitting bowls through out the beginning of the experience.


Time. - (9:50pm)- I proceed into drinking the blue glowing MAOI water, tastes salty and kinda fucked up at the same time.

i felt slightly mind-fucked from the MAOI, i guess it is technically a weak psychedelic.

Time. - (10:05pm)- I take roughly 5 mg of 4-aco-dmt and put it under my tongue, i was just testing it to make sure i was allergic by some rare-rare chance, all seemed clear so i was good to go.

Time. - (10:25pm)- i dissolved the 4-aco-dmt in water and then held the water sublingually under my tongue for like 5 minute and then swallowed it..

Time. - (10:55pm)- i was talking to a good friend on the computer who was very experienced personally with all the RC's i have in my possession uncluding 4-aco-dmt.. i was wondering why i wasnt feeling anything yet, well nothing psychedelic
really, because im used to mushrooms and pharmahuasca to come-on very quickly but i guess my body was converting it into psilocin and the MAOI i took might have even slowed the process of it hitting quickly,

Time. - (11:05pm)- the experience starts to grip me and i am happy that i will get to trip. the comeon was identical to mushrooms in everyway to me, possibly a bit less bright but it even felt natural and non-synthetic.

im watching the simpsons at the time and they look extremely cartoonish and bright, moreso then usual and it was kinda funny because even though the episode was quite new, it looked like old school ghetto drawn
Simpsons. CRAZY EUPHORIA by the way.

Time. - (11:35pm)- i become bored with the open eye visuals and proceed to my bed, turn off all lights and sound and let the out of body experience of mushroom-hyperspace take me.
I was under the impression that 4-aco-dmt was like DMT in the Closed eye visual world, but not for me, it was the mushroom world, i dunno i can notice the slight signature differences mushrooms/4-aco-dmt vs DMT has.

DMT is much more dramatic visually i would say. but this experience was still very very intense. I was having auditory hallucinations of strange humming (this is quite common in my experiences).
Soon enough i was not able to distinguish between my eyes being open and closed, but i was not paralyzed in psychedelia like pharmahausca, with pharmahausca i found it difficult to even move my body, i would feel no connection
but with 4-aco-dmt i was still able to control my body easier.

When the peak started i had a vision of some sort of huge complex structure that i seem to always "pass" by when i do a heavy dose of mushrooms, it was cool that i saw the same place with 4-aco-dmt, the the strange
landscape complex structure thing oddly enough gives me an intense feeling of being home like it is my main base or some shit..
i really felt very appreciative that i got to see my "base" and then almost instantly forgot what the place/structure looks like.. this always fucking happens, i really wanna draw it too..

i was having strange entities grabbing at me (this happens alot to me on mushrooms and pharmahuasca). i thought it was funny because i saw one of my subconscious entities flip me off, thats right, gave me the fucking finger.. lol i laughed it off, it reminded me of my last pharmahuasca experience where the entities were
giving me "thumbs up" now it seems they are angered giving me the finger haha.

later i started to have intensely vivid recalls of recent dreams ive had, i usually can never remember my dreams because i smoke too much weed especially at night which causes me to have too deep of a sleep to dream
but this trip basically gave me the "keys" to my subconscious information/world, i was able to re-live all my previous dreams and even past memories vividly..
I fucking love that power you get with psychedelics, its almost cheating..

Time. - (5:30am)- my trip is pretty much over and i fall to sleep..

all and all this was a very fun adventure into the depths of my mind and it leaves me wanting to have another pharmahuasca exploration very soon..

Peace out guys

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