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LSD and the outdoors

south FL trippin

The first time I dropped LSD, I was with some good friends of mine at their townhome, in a nice gated community located in Southwest Florida. I had unlimited grams of dank hybrid hydro bud, a couple different 6 packs of good german beer, and a comfy couch to crash on- not to mention I was with some good friends of mine, who were also dropping for the 1st time.

So, I show up with 5 hits, for 4 ppl (me and my friend josh ended up dosing half a hit each at like 2 a.m. later that night haha)

It's about 10:30 p.m. We all sat around the table with our bongs and bowls and beers and smiles- then casually dropped in our tabs. I say "casually", because 4 ppl droppin acid for the first time is quite awkward- we didn't know what to expect the moment we were putting little blotter papers on our tongues haha. We were like "ohh it tastes funny", and "ok, so i just keep this in my mouth? anywhere?", or "dude, mine is dissolving faster than yours!"  hahahaha good times

12:00 midnight- NATURE WALKS aka walking around a nice, quiet neighborhood, on acid. I decided to give skateboarding a try- I used to be sponsored by a shop when I was in high school, so I consider myself pretty good, even though I quit doing serious tricks after I banged my head on a 10-stair rail, then broke both my ankles multiple times...

Anyways, I hit a speed bump going pretty fast, trippin pretty fucking hard, then proceeded to pop and land one of the best backside 180s I have ever done off of a speedbump haha

Landed, bolts, rolled away like a G- I thought I was pro fo sho lol

We walked to the side of the neighborhood, to the last street on the end, and that is where the fence and shrubbery runs parallel with Interstate-75.

I walked up the hill, grabbed the fence, and just calmly stared at the cars passing, and the trees' leaves moving in the wind, the forest on the other side of the road, and then I wiped sweat from my forehead and felt the wind cool me down immediately. It was beautiful.

I felt like one of those little haitian kids, hanging onto the chainlink fence on the border of Haiti and the Dominican Republic- just wishing that I could somehow end up on the other side haha

And it was funny because when I first saw the cars and trucks passing, I was like "wooooaaaahhhh... humans!"

Have you ever seen other human beings not on acid while you are about to peak? They look weird- like aliens hahaha

anyways. Those first two hours already changed my life. I was already an experienced pothead, and I had eaten shrooms a time or two before this- so I knew what to expect, but I never realized it until I was peaking- LSD is my fucking favorite mind-altering psychedelic drug.

12:30 a.m. Back at the house

Rebelution, another beer, and then popping in Animal Collective's new visual album- Oddsac.

And by the way, the house had thermal blankets hanging on the walls, trippy sublime posters, huge plastic sheets taped from the ceiling, christmas lights on houseplant-trees, christmas lights on the bamboo fence on the back patio.... so the house was dark, safe, but trippy as fuck.

DOES ANYONE KNOW THE BAND "ANIMAL COLLECTIVE"? LISTEN TO THEM WHILE TRIPPING- it will change your outlook on music, if not your whole perspective on life.

We watched Oddsac when we were peaking- it CHANGED MY FUCKING LIFE. Look up "Oddsac", or buy it, it's only $20 bucks.

At times it appeared scary to a couple of my friends, and one left the room and had to smoke a cig because of it (yikes!) haha

But scary things that happen when I'm on LSD don't scare me, I've never had a problem on drugs when something unexpected happens (maybe on shrooms I would tho)- I've had guns pointed at me before, once when I was in south Asia, and I almost got hit by a bomb in a mall in Asia as well- so fear is something I know very well compared to my friends, and when I'm on LSD I'm like "fuck the world, im on acid"- meaning I dont give a fuck, im trippin, and I love my life. Not saying I'm invincible, just fearless...

Then, we went for walk no. 2:

We ended up trading shoes, and at one point I grabbed 2 little bags off of the "pet waste bags here" thing, and put them on my feet.

They looked like duckfeet. I them proceeded to quack like a duck and wave my arms as I walked down the street, and my friends just completely lost it hahaha laughing so fucking hard in the middle of a nice ass middle class neighborhood- and by the way this was like a thursday night or something too lol

We all tripped out after walking and looking at someone elses feet on our feet- it was really trippy EVERYONE SHOULD TRY THAT haha

Just put on different shoes and look at your feet when you walk. You're someone else! lol

Basically we walked halfway down the street then scurried back to the house among giggles and laughter- we couldn't handle a normal walk this time haha

Anyways, after the video...

1 to 2 a.m.- Put on the one hour and 20 minute 2010 Excision Shambala track off his myspace. Free dubstep, ALL ONE HOUR AND TWENTY MINUTES OF IT.

This also changed our lives. I was actually trippin so hard at that point, halfway through the dubstep track, I peaked, then woke up under a chair, alone, with the christmas light bamboo fence on top of me (and the chair). My friends found me and were like where is he!?!? Cause the fence had fallen, and I was missing from my chair! lol

Didn't know where I was at the moment- but didn't care. I had intense visuals while laying under that chair, and my friends went inside 20 minutes before that after smoking their cigs (I don't smoke, but I averaged about 3 grams of dank weed a day back then...

When I walked in my friend josh was like "you just tripped really hard didn't you" haha "I was like yeahhhhhh hahahaha"

It changed my life, I felt raped by LSD at this point- I remember thinking that if LSD raped me, I would have no problem with it. I didn't care if I was gay for LSD. haha crazy thoughts when your on acid y'all.

By 4 a.m., we were still trippin pretty hard- but not as hard as before.

From this point on the Rebelution raggae fest continued on the loud speakers.

We smoked another 8th between us (unlimited bud back then), which brought us up to at least 7 grams smoked that night (you do the math), god I smoke like a god when I'm on A haha

We talked and had some crazy convos. Starred at the ceiling together. Laughed.

Good convos

Played around with the synth on my friends piano- made some trippy music haha

More walks around the hood, but this time just a walk- no funny business. My friends weiner dog had to poo, so we had to get to business and take the little guy out. And by the way this dog chilled with us all night, and we always blow smoke in its face and he gets so high, passes out, then meets back up with us later on to smoke more haha. Cool dog.

6 and 7 a.m.:

We were chillin, drinking the last of the beer of the front porch, and my friends were smoking their cigs.

Meanwhile CHILDREN WERE WALKING BY GOING TO THE BUSTOP and we were like "heyy, good morning" hahahahaha

Little do they know we were on LSD haha

And then there were old ladies and mothers walking their dogs up and down the street. SO FUNNY!

This nice little old lady walked directly in front of us, and I was like 'Well, top-o-the-mornin-to-ya!" hahaha

Beer in hand.

8 and 9 a.m.

the couch. asleep.

At this point I slept really well too, which is surprising. Now, most of the time, whenever I drop, It's difficult to sleep, Even hours after coming down.

12 P.M.- 1 P.M.

Chinese food down the street. Very tired. Still seeing things sometimes. The sun bouncing off of cars and windows tripped me out a little.

But of course we hit the gravity bongs before the drive, which DEFINITELY BROUGHT BACK THE TRIPP!!!!!! haha

Merked that plate of General Tsaos Chicken haha

It was a great experience, and I have dropped about 10 times since then. But NO TRIP has ever been exciting as the first time.

Happy tripping y'all

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