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Subway: Eat Fresh Mushrooms

Tripping while working at Subway

This all happened about 10 years ago. It was my first time tripping on mushrooms and it was the most visual trip I've ever had...

I had wanted to try shrooms for a long time but they were almost non-existant in the area I was living. Then one day my buddy obtained some and I bought 5 grams of dried mushrooms from him for $40. (Seems expensive now) Having never tried any hallucinogens before he gave me some advice: "You should only take half and whatever you do don't take them before work." So I ate the whole bag and headed off to work at Subway.

It didn't take long before I started noticing the effects. They were quite mild at first, but soon I started to feel a goofy giggliness and could feel a light stimulation flow through my body. I headed into the back to prepare some more bread when suddenly I realized I tripping quite heavily. It was unexpected, as if there was no coming up for the visuals. They were just suddenly there, though I had the sensation that they had been there for some time and I had just not noticed.

One of the first things I remember doing is telling one of the other employees that the bread was too small. About a second after I said it I realized how stupid it was to say considering I could no long even judge the size of the bread or anything else for that matter. I headed back to the front as the lunch rush was starting and there was a long line of people. Everything looked unbelievable. The bin of lettuce looked as if it were made up of a fractions of the slices that were really in it and they all seemed to be bulging out. I noticed for the first time that every ingredient had a different color. I came to the conclusion that whoever designed the Subway menu must have been tripping themself.

Making the subs had become a challenging task. I could no longer tell how much of the ingredients were on a sub just by looking at them. At one point I was putting together one for this old lady. As I struggled to place to the correct portions of each ingredient I couldn't help but giggle a little. Seeing that the old lady started to giggle too and I remember thinking "I don't why the hell you're giggling but I sure know why I am." Each customer appeared to have a highly exaggerated look on their face. Some would look incredinly pissed while other would look like they were about to cry. The smiles were particularly creepy. It was as if the person had reached some inhuman level of joy, almost like a clown without the makeup. There were also a few that looked like clowns with makeup due to the colored makeup they were wearing. I was looking at my co-worker and she was smiling. I watched as the smile seemed to grow until it had pushed everything else out of view. She asked why I can kept looking at her with a strange look on my face. (No one knew I was tripping). I asked what she meant and she answered "You look like you're scared." I just shrugged. I really wasn't feeling scared so I didn't what to say.

I could feel my mood begin to fluctuate. One moment I would think "I gotta get out of here" The next I would think "This ain't so bad." Then something happened. I was ringing up a woman's sub and asked what kind she had. Her response was something like, "Tuna, roast beef, cheese..." I started to panic. I couldn't understand what she was saying. She was just blurting out words and I had no idea what she was talking about. My co-worker seeing this asked if something was wrong and I answered something like, "Uhhh I don't know what to do." It turned out she was naming the ingredients on her sub since it wasn't something on the menu, something with double meat. Fortunately my co-worker thought I just didn't know how to ring it up. In reality I knew how to ring it up and I normally would have known right away what the lady was talking about, but my change of perception had confused me into thinking I could no longer understand speech.

Eventually the effects started to fade away. I spent the last part of my trip chopping tomatoes. They were like perfect spheres and I felt a great sense of wonder just looking at them. In fact I was so focused on their appearance I accidently chopped up about 4 times what was needed. By the time I got off work the effects were gone completely and I was disappointed I hadn't gotten a chance to see anything outside Subway, nor a chance to see what kind of CEVs there were. Still it was the best trip I've ever had and the only trip I had until 8 years later.

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