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First test of my grow

Nice solo trip

So I took these last night around 8pm. Wanted to get a feel for the potency of my new grow. Very impressed. I felt like this mushroom had a planned journey to take me on. Each time I take the caps from this same strain it seems like its trying to tell me something. Well...

Heres my report:

Amount: 2.4 grams

Level: 3

Method of ingestion: groud up, and placed in a shot of orange juice, washed down by orange juice.

Basics: everything looking curved and/or warped patterns and kaleidoscopes seen on walls. some confusion of the senses (i.e. seeing sounds as colors, etcetera). Time distortions and "moments of eternity". Comes in Waves of intensity. Felt like a "Journey" in my room and mind
Time Frame: 6 hours

Experience:  I took the dose and put on south park to let it kick in.
15 min in:I already begin to feel body high coming on. Moderate stomach unease. Smoke 2 bowls
30 min in:I am extremely stoned body high, mild visuals like colors and trails. some short-term memory loss, and deep thoughts Moderade-High stomach unease
80-min-3 hours in:Visuals in full, stoned ass shit body high, walls breathing and swirling, mundane objects like carpet become interesting. train of though is gone, i am at the will of the fungas. No coherant thought, extremely deep thinking and understanding. Stomach issues fade. Smoked 2 more bowls over the course
3 hours-4 hoursComing back to reality, everything mental begins to lessen, but visuals remain strong. body high fades first, good thoughts and feelings of understanding begin. Vaped a bowl
4-6 hours:I am mellowed out, only colors remain, and feelings of a good trip and good vibes. 2 friends come over to relax, I give them some caps i had after making spore prints, and some aborts to eat with some OJ. we smoked and vaped a large amount of weed, and watch south park. good vibes. Then they left before the caps hit cuz they needed to get home. Then I smoked again and wrote this write-up right at the 6 hour mark. Still feelin good vibes but nearly back to reality.

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