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1st trip in over a decade

just a short note

swore off hallucinogens many years ago, as i started getting sick every time i took them, stopped having decent experiences.. still got visuals, and actually am quite susceptible to mushrooms and the like. anyway, fictitiously speaking, i might have grown some ecuadors. dried them to cracker dry (damprid is the friggin BEST!!), and figured i should try a very small dose to find the potency. i took roughly a quarter gram. i know most people reading this would scoff at this, especially since i'm 6'1 and over 200 lbs. however, as i said, i just wanted to check the potency, and i knew that if there were any effects at all, i was all good. to my surprise, it felt quite wonderful. although i believe VERY strongly in taking mushrooms outdoors, in the woods or a secluded place in nature, camping and such (but be CAREFUL with fires!!), i had to take these at home, as i was alone, and an outdoor experience just wasn't possible. so, i would like to make a suggestion: if you do trip indoors, in comfortable place (such as your own home, and with friends with whom you are quite close and comfortable; don't discount the idea of a "babysitter," especially if ingesting for the first time, or more than a gram or two), watch the movie, "a scanner darkly." after i post this, i am going to search this title to see how many times it is referred to. there are a couple other movies made this same way, but it's like a combination of film and animation (not like roger rabbit.. you'll just have to watch it to see). in any case, i had a wonderful experience, listened to radiohead and tool, while watching the excellent visuals that come with winamp. thank you, winamp! i know this isn't a great trip report, but i just wanted to keep it short, as it was a short, comfortable trip. i should note, i did have several xanaxes at my disposal. i think i only took maybe 2 mg (2 blue footballs), and i had drank a few vodka drinks before deciding to consume fruits.. please be careful if you decide to combine these two things, especially when taking something like mushrooms, as memory can lapse and you could end up taking too much and overdose. it CAN be dangerous!!

in any case, don't dismiss a level one trip. especially if it's been a long time since you've taken a hallucinogen, or if you've had bad experiences, or "heavy" trips in the past, try a small amount. if nothing happens, no worries, cause you only ate about $3-4 worth of shrooms, if that. i probably won't ever take more than a gram ever.. but that's only because i have had my third eye squeegied quite clearly (to borrow from Sir Bill Hicks), and have experienced the true nature of mushrooms. if you haven't taken them before, or are curious about your first dose, or other similar questions, you're welcome to contact me via P.M. through this site. i may be a novice to this site, and to growing (and i can't answer questions about that aspect), i have had many years of experience with pretty much any chemical or drug you can imagine. i am now clean, don't even smoke anything anymore.. but i do have quite a bit of knowledge i'd be happy to share. all the best to my fellow shroomerites.


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