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shroom party

nom nom nom.

        Last weekend myself, and a good sized group of friends (eight people) ate about 4 grams each. I arrived at the house the latest because I somehow got conned into working on a fucking saturday. Anyways. I showed up at 11 and everyone besides my best friend Oss had eaten thier share about an hour earlier (understandable) . I was pretty stoked Oss waited for me and we immediately and joyously began stuffing our faces upon my arrival. After we finished our 4 grams I drove Oss a few miles down the road to sell some bud, it probably only took 15 minutes round trip but i was thankful for that because i was already feeling the shrooms when we got back.
        We walked out back of the house where everyone was assembled around some cheap patio furniture smoking a bong.  We all sat and talked and after a few bong rips I was really feeling the Shrooms. When im coming up i always get sweaty and anxious, and at this point i was looking like i had just left the gym ( i had eaten the shrooms not even an hour previously). I was feeling a little claustrophobic as we were sitting in a small enclosed porch and me and a few friends who were feeling the same ( Oss, Mattie, and Dre) and we all decided to go for a midnight stroll through suburbia. Yea we be deep in the burb's yo! anyways. Not even 15 minutes into the walk I started noticing street and porch lights changing color ( they all wanted to be fucking purple after awhile) trees and bushes began to sway, the architecture of the houses all began looking more and more ridiculous and disproportioned. I started to go on a rant about how ridiculous it was for all of these houses that stood feet apart from each other to have so many gigantic windows. Its like you stand in your living room doing your shit, look up and plain as fucking day see your neighbor doing his shit about 12 feet away.  Fearing for their privacy every house had put up elaborate blinds, curtains, drapes, plants (outdoor and indoor) and all sorts of other things to cover these windows. So why make the fucking window you know? I mean im not saying do away with all of them but come on. anyways. Im ranting again.  
        Mattie who was rather new to tripping, was walking a few paces in front of us taking gigantic fear and loathing in las vegas steps. Even in my state i couldn't help but notice how funny this was. Oss and Dre couldn't help but notice how funny this was as well. And we walked and talked and had a good time for a little while longer until we reached a house that was for sale. I was starting to peak and wanted nothing more than to lay with my friends and look at the stars, so we did. As i laid on the concrete drive of the vacant  house I started to really focus on the sky, and tried to let my "mind go" as they say.  My scope of vision seemed gigantic and stars began to switch places with one another. I closed my eyes and was amazed at the intense 3 D visualizations i was seeing and the feelings and emotions i was feeling.  I don't think words exist in the english language to describe them.
        We all 4 laid there for what felt like an eternity in beautiful shared silence. I have no Idea how long we laid there but at some point we decided to continue walking. We all looked ridiculous as we tried to stand up and adjust ourselves to walking (we all about fell) but eventually we got our earth legs back and began walking. At some point I checked my cell phone which until that point i had forgot existed.  It felt and looked about twice as big as i knew it was. Such a mind fuck. I checked the time and it was about 3 30 in the morning, and thankfully we were back to the house. I love coming down from mushrooms, I become a fucking social butterfly i swear. I sat in the living room of this house with everyone and talked for hours just smoking god knows how much weed. At about 5 we all decided to grab our favorite females, cuddle on up, and watch some movie I cant quite remember until we all drifted off into our dmt worlds.
        I woke up the next morning feeling like i typically do after a trip. Great :).

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