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The Golden Teacher

"Golden Teachers"

Golden Teacher trip report::



3.5 grams of Brazilian Golden Teachers (Cubensis)

Plenty of Marijuana

2 Shots of Whiskey

2 Shots of Tequila

A week prior I had gotten a call about getting some  Brazilian "Golden Teacher" Cubes from a friend, needless to say, I was very excited.  I had always heard good things about them. I picked up an 1/8th. I have tripped on Mushrooms approx 10 times, and LSD approx 15 times. I also have experiance with Salvia, DOC, Ecstasy, Kratom, and my least favorite DXM.

I ground up the shrooms in a coffee grinder, and mixed them with Chocolate Pudding at around 4 o'clock. I consumed it in 5 decent gulps, and downed each gulp with Coke, I proceeded to lay on the couch to wait for the effects to kick in. I flipped on the TV to watch "Friends" while I came up. Not to long after, about the time the theme song kicked in, I looked toward my right to the chandelier hanging in the adjacent room. It started to spin very quickly, all the light from the bulbs reflecting onto the walls, making patterns the span across the room (a lot like a disco ball). The room proceeded to tilt one way, and then to the other. At this point, I knew I was in for a  trip. At about 5 "The Simpsons" came on, and I couldn%u2019t comprehend the episode at all. IT was less like an episode, and more like random flashes of yellow people saying non-sensical things, ranting, raving..it was crazy. This half an hour was like a dream to me, I could not comprehend reality, I didn%u2019t even know I was home. Everything was moving, growing, dancing, breathing, all in unison.  I looked at the walls around me, and the patterns on the wall were floating above the wall, dancing side to side, speeding up and down, eventually all the wall tuned into the chorus, all dancing at the same tempo (even though there was no music). I got the sudden urge to pee, so I lifted myself up and attempted to go to the bathroom. As I stood there peeing, the bathroom beneath me started to sway back and forth, like a boat. For a second, I thought i was the one swaying, but it was all the room. I was worried that I may fall over.  I looked at myself and the mirror, and my pupils grew huge and shrank, breathing insanely like the walls, my stragly hair wiggling and reaching around for things, curling. I went back to the living room, and decided to take a look outside. It was pretty cold feeling, and I had no device to listen to for music (fried my Zune), so I just stood on the porch for a little bit, watching the trees and nature do their thing. Cars drove by that would look insanely huge at first, but then shrank insanely as they past buy, there paint seemed to be melting off of them. I went back inside to see that "Family Guy" was on, and didn%u2019t feel like watching it. So I switched to a show called "Deep Space" or something, it%u2019s had the guy from Jurassic Park in it. He talked about Earth and its voyage through the galaxy, possible threats, comets, black holes, the works. Me being a HUGE astronomy buff, it was more than interesting..The visuals of space where breathe taking.


During commercial I remember closing my eyes, and seeing color melt down my vision into green and purple strips, which proceeded to dance side to side to a mysterious beat. For some reason I decided to switch the channel again, to watch "Two and a Half Men" (something I always end up seeing on shrooms). While I watched the show I remember getting hot flashes and then getting really cold, probably cause I was sweating so much. I got a phone call from my girl, and she was sobbing about something, and asked to come over with her sister. I said yes, but I was very confused about what was going on. (it turns out she went to visit her mom, and she was in a soma coma (sp??)). When they arrived we watched some BS show on cartoon network, although it made me laugh hysterically. Then, "King of the Hill" came on, and it was hilarious. Hank Hills face grew and shrunk over and over again. At some point they left, and I loaded a bowl of %u201CGrand Daddy Purple%u201D and proceeded to watch %u201CAmerican Dad%u201D (it was 9ish). My brother came home to me laughing at the TV, and sat down to smoke with me. We switched shows to a show called %u201CDark Matters, the Dark Side of Science%u201D. It talked about the government secretly dosing French villagers with high doses of LSD, and MKULTRA. This was interesting, but it made me angry at the ridiculous things they said about LSD. They preceded to talk about people who  have had strokes that disconnected the 2 sides of the brain, and the 2 sides picked up their own personality, each controlling its own side of the body (alien hand syndrome). Soon my brothers band and a a few girls showed up at the house, and started drinking, so I joined them. We all sat down, watched %u201CStar Wars: A New Hope%u201D while smoking and drinking. ( I didn%u2019t drink a whole lot, cause obviously I didn%u2019t need to) After the movie I tried to go to bed, but kept. getting insane munchies, so I made popcorn, Ramen, and crammed down some oatmeal cookies. I passed out at about 4am.

Golden Teachers are the best shrooms I have tried as of yet. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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