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Tripping balls in university halls!

Probably the strongest/most interesting trip I've had (Liberty Caps)

 This was my first year of university and I was out in a club in the town of Bristol (UK), where I was attending university. I was out with a handful of people I knew. Along with the people I knew there were also their friends from home who had come along, one person of which had some dried Liberty Caps picked the week before which she had brought from Devon. After spending some time at the club we decided to leave and go back to my friends student halls for some more fun, we all got in taxis and went back to the halls. 

By the time we got back to the halls it was about 03:30am, we all went into a friends flat who we knew and sat round the table drinking, smoking ect. The friend of a friend who had the mushrooms mentioned to me that she had some for sale, she said she would sell me about 1.5-2g (dried) for

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