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"Foreign Object"

we had a real good harvest of semilanceata (about 500).

we had a real good harvest of semilanceata (about 500).so we dryed em' and on weekend we decided it's time to Rock n'Roll:so everyone of us ate 75 (which we had experienced a good dose and decided to make it the "standard" dose).We were already a little drunk, since we were coming from liquer store,we like to be a little drunk while doping (about half a promill.it was about 2 miles away from home and it was winter and i have always had problems getting high if it's cold so when they began to describe their visions i just murmured:this was a bad idea...i knew it.and then surprice,surprice i didn't feel cold at all as the shrooms kicked in and my machine started "revving" i enjoyd all the twilights and stuff ,but then keith just dropped to a ditch and started rolling in there screaming like hell (he couldn't speak just screamed and shouted)...i told marko to wait as i called an ambulance to keith (stupid i know but i didn't what to do...i rfeaked out a little).Well the ambulance came and i told keith might have a alcohol poisoning so they took him away and left me there standing with my shroom-fucked-up thoughts i was unaware of markos existence and terrified by keith's behavior, i thought he had went nuts and that i was going nuts too and then suddenly marko started laughing and pointed out at me telling that worms are coming out of my nostrils...first i thought that :OH FUCK,worms oh no they are coming from my brains and im dying,after i hysterically wiped my nose and found nothing i got a grip,took the bottle of vodka keith had left behind,drank it away and started to sort out keiths accident with marko (he is a real good at that kind of things,never freaks out just laughs) and went to keiths house,since he broke the lock of his door half a year ago,we began to look TV and then came the second wave...there were these fantasy fireflys everywhere the whole place turned to a somewhat jamaikan dawn at the beach where everything is orange and golden ,it was really warm feeling and suddenly keith burst in laughing giggling,he had been at hospital and nurses had left him alone in some room so he had took all the medicins he found and escaped from a window,ran here and...then he sat down sighing in relieve,i looked at him as little bonsai trees grew behind him forming an nice looking forest and then he turned into an archtype of somewhat wise looking old japanish man,i laughed at him like hell and discovered that as i waved my hand forth and back there was this cool electric ether shadow coming tightly behind which i found most amusing i just swung my hand around telling the others that they should definetily try it too,this went on about half and hour.marko was tripping hard and keith just talked to some shroom demon demanding to know why it wanted to be mean to people,then suddenly i realized that the TV was on it started to bother me cause it seemed to me that it did not belong to "This world",i asked about it from the others,as a little furry troll jumped from a little stone to stone over a little river on keiths feet to the kitchen, and they agreed strongly as i began to felt "forestly" and knowingly studied the little maggot and beetle creatures in the ashtray.i was so keen on my little doings and talkings that i didn't realize that marko suddenly strolled from the bedroom looking extremely firm,he sat down on the chair in exact 90 degrees angle and began to talk about his plan on conguering the world,i practically saw the blood dropping axe in his hands as he spoke like machine in the chair,his pupils were really small and i asked keith if i had missed something and he told me that marko ate a few grams of amanitas the archtype image of marko hit me with a force of a 10 kilos sledge hammer it wasn't a pleasant sight so i talked myself out and went home trying to settle my thoughts...i woke up in the morning feeling okay,maybe little hungry,ate a little then decided to call to keith as i remembered last nights events.all was fine expect they had ran out of cigarettes during the session nd marko had gone to the streets bumming cigarettes with a style which included a fist in the face if cigs were not given, i remembered the picture of the "marko archtype" and called to him...thank god he was allright and back to his funny ol' himself (altough he liked those over arrogant, stamina feelings and swore that he'd get more of them).i just told him what he was like and made clear that he shouldn't do it anymore...that was pretty solid terror the end of the night as i tried to sleep after the session and i have seen what people are like when in drugs im not sure do i want to keep myself in that lifestyle...well altough it definetily is fun i wouldn't recommend it to anyone.Thats all folk

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