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Probably the best day ever!

Best first trip eva! B)

My friend got a quarter of dried mushrooms in APRIL, and come September, he still had them in a bag.  He had no time to try them and nobody to do it with, so I volunteered.  I had been researching growing my own, so I had to see what I was getting myself into.  I commute to community college, in the same city as my friend who goes to another state school and lives in a dorm.  So after a Saturday morning class, I headed to my friend's school where we hopped into our other friend's car, and departed!  We headed to some hiking trails in a bordering town. 

I knew these trails already.  They were beautiful trails with stellar views of lakes and the sky and rocks and all sorts of nature that I could mention.   We got out of the car and made our way into the woods!  we stopped a couple hundred yards in and sat on a rock.  My friend and I began to feast.  Our friend who drove did not take part, but he was a pretty experienced drug user.  I trusted this persons opinions of tripping and drug use. 

Anyways, we sat, smoked a spliff, ate most of our bags, and continued.  We both finished our bags as we continued to our next random sitting spot.  I totally began to feel weird, so I let my friends know.  From there, it was awesome

These trees with crooked trunks blasting out of the ground like lightning!  and the straight large trees standing tall and mighty looked astounding.  All colors got brighter, everything felt incredible to the touch.  Totally tripping.   I started thinking incredibly hard.  It enabled me to see all sides of everything I've ever contemplated.  This made me laugh a lot.  We sat again so my friends could roll cigarettes while I sat.  I don't smoke cigarettes but I love pot, so i rolled a spliff so i could join cigarette time, and pass it around too.  Rolling it was so difficult, but the motion is so automatic to me that somehow i did it, and we all chilled B).  For some reason smoking that felt SO GOOD.  Like every drag felt like eating some food, and getting more full.  mmmmmm

We got up and I felt my stomach churn,  I knew I was digesting them nicely.  The effects were coming on pretty fast at that point.  We spent some time at a big broken boulder and then moved down to a sunny spot on a rocky ledge facing the lake.  This is where I peaked.  My friend who was also tripping was being really quiet, I thought I was tripping by myself, and that it was not affecting him.  But to my surprise he told me he was feeling it deeply too,  and at one point he thought he was going to have a bad trip. 

I could not stop laughing.  Everything just became so f*cking funny.  I thought about how much everyone who have never tried these mushrooms are missing.  This feels incredible.  My brain was making connections that were otherwise impossible.  I saw a tree and followed the trunk from root to tip with my eyes...slowly.    When I finally reached the tip I burst into uncontrollable laughter.  Humor, in everything.  It still makes sense to me! hahaha.  Recently there was Hurricane Irene that knocked a lot of branches down.  Those leaves were either dried and gold or grey, and compared to how bright everything else seemed, they looked like black and white photos.  SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!

Overall I had an awesome first time.  I could go into much more detail but you get the idea.   The only thing I had ever "tripped" on before was Salvia and that was freaking intense...... but not at all painful.  Very interesting.  Mushrooms were so pleasant but I can totally understand how it can freak ya out.  At first, the effects were so alien, I thought i was going to panic a little but I just kept smiling as usual and it was amazing.   When other hikers passed, I didn't even get nervous.  I just kept my sunglasses on.

If you want to try them for the first time, I suggest being outside.  Being inside could have made me feel trapped or something.  Also, these friends of mine only have good things to talk about.  If they were paranoid or the type to freak out, it would have completely ruined my trip had anything bad happened.  Also, my life is fairly 'together so i have little to worry about.  If your life is in shambles, you might start thinking about bad things that might screw you into some sadness.  be careful!!!!!!!  i can imagine horrible bad trips from these effects.

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