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mixed experiance


went to my mates the other night after going out picking in the day, we didnt have enough for everyone and it was birthday so they let me and one other friend eat what we found. Wed found liberty caps and we didnt do too badly, although im not sure they were all correct. Think we ate around 20 each, i started feeling odd pretty quickly, (20 mins) abit tense and jittery. Coming up wasnt really pleasant at all and my brain felt like it was doing summersaults every now and again. that passed after about half an hour and i realised i was pretty fucked, eyes like saucers and i could only walk like a spaceman. I also felt quite sick, this could of been cause i was running on not much sleep and had been drinking. The mushrooms were also unwashed and moist because im lazy and i was excited to get em down. Anyway, i had uncontrollable laughter, and i couldnt really communicate that well, saw the odd flash of colour and as i was watching some nature program the sounds were all around me. Was pretty good apart from my complete lack of energy, which is odd because i ate truffles in amsterdam and walked into the uknown for about 2 hours. I normalised after an hour although i still felt euphoric. il probly eat alot more next time and make sure their all correct.

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