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my first bad trip

20$ of the most powerful shrooms ive ever had

some background information first. im a senior in high school. just turned 18.  and im living with my over protective catholic extreme republican bitch of a mom. and this is my 4th time with an eighth but sixth time taking mushrooms

buy an eighth of shrooms around 4 in the afternoon. yesterday  take them at my friends house at around 430. by 5 im tripping balls. the TV starts to sound demonic eventually calm my self down and start to enjoy the trip. at around 6 when im peaking. my friends parents come home a day early from their vacation and im kicked out of the house.i walk outside and it is a downpoar. the hardest it has rained all year. i start walking to the bus stop which is a 30 minute walk. start to get really scared. the trees start curling around. the ends of the limbs start to look like snake heads. start hearing hisses in my head.  i start to run but i cant move fast  every car that passes by starts to look like a cop. some kids call out to me. and say hey. i think they are cops trying to bust me. start trying to run but again i cant move. so i try to walk fast down the road. i have no depth perception. a car that looks like its 300 feet away is actually 2 feet away. almost get hit twice when im trying to cross the road. i make it to the bus stop with only some minor scrapes and bruises but im seriously scared. the bus stop is on a major road 3 lanes going each direction. wait at the bus stop listening to jimi hendrix but each car that comes by scares the hell out of me. the bus is supposed to come in five minute. but each minute seems like a life time. a parked car on the other side of the street starts to morph into a cop car. then it starts looking alive. it grows a mouth and teeth, looks like it has horns. I RUN FOR IT. start heading towards a park and take a later bus and try to chill out. it starts to rain. cant make it to the park. so i try to take a side road to the next bus stop so im not near all the cars. walk down this deseted road. see a bunch of scarey houses almost ghetto. then i see a huge mansion. but dogs start to bark their eyes turn red. keep heading down.and i get to this road with no sidewalk and is right next to a highway walk down it on the side of the road for a minute. but become to scared and run back accros. i have no depth perception and i have no idea how far away each car is. walk back up the creapy road. a cop car drives by this time it is real. I start to freak out. i think this is it. im going to jail. but he drives by. i keep walking the trees again start to twist and curl. become insanely scared. but i eventually make it back to the bus stop. start to sit there with my jimihendrix. with each car that comes by i think of a million bad things that could happen. cars once again turn into cop cars. eventually my mood changes and i get into a happy state of mind. start chilling out ot my jimi. and watch the sidewalk. it looks like a river swaying to the beat of all along the watch tower. but then a real cop car drives by. i think its the same one from before. i get scared that they are following me. waiting to bust me. but trying to get me good and scared so i will tell them who i got them from. but then the bus comes.

but the bus is packed there are no seats. everyone who speaks sounds extremely demonic and scarey. faces start to morph. everyone is staring at me. talking about me. anyone who is on their phone must be calling the police on me. eventually find a seat. and start to once again chill to Jimi. the patterns on the bus start changing to faces. become unbelieveable scared.  i freak out. people start talking. once again i think its about me. close my eyes 3d COVs start to appear. i once again see a face. Start to freak. but then i reach my bus stop. text my mom to come pick me up. since its an hour walk from there normally and i have no idea how long it would be while fucked up. while waiting outside of Taco bell. a cop drives up. gets out of his car and walks towards me. i start to freak. but on the outside i look fine. he walks right past me and goes inside. 2 minutes later he walks back out gets in his car looks like he is about to pull up to where i am but drives by. does a circle around the parking lot. i start to panic but he just parks and goes into the bank. my mom eventually shows up she drives me home. the entire time giving me weird looks. but i finally get into my room while im still at my plateu and i start to come out of the bad trip. just put some classic rock on. and just chill with the visuals. close my eyes. and am engulfed in another world. the rest of the trip was great. i plateud for 5 hours. from 4-9 and didnt fully comedown until around until 12. 

i foudn out today that the kids i saw were like my two best friends who were really high and i could have chilled with them and avoided this entire bad trip.

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