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Childlike freedom

     So my first trip was last night. After patiently waiting for more than a year I finally got a hold of some wonderful, tasty, fresh [i]Cubensis[/i] of the Cambodian strain.
     So I called my friend 'C' and my girlfriend 'B' and we met up around 4:30. C would be trip sitting B and myself. We went to a nearby hill in a suburb close to where I live. None of us has ever tripped on mushrooms but I have read just about every single text I could find on the matter of psychedelics, mushrooms, entheogens, psychoactive chemicals etc. and I am familiar with the ideas of Terence Mckenna, Timothy Leary, etc. I am very well read in the matter and I have been educating B and C for quite some time. B has also spent alot of time of her own reading FAQs and various texts, and trip reports.
     The weather was splendid and there was absolutely nothing that I would change, and we were happy to be able to trip on such a beautiful day.
     We consumed the beautiful alien fungus on a nearby hill. I had 30g fresh and B had 10g. She has a family history of mental illness and she is very cautious about taking any kind of psycho active. Turns out this was a smart move...
     We started around 5:30 and it took about an hour for the trip to start really hitting me. For B I think it started a little sooner and stronger but she may not have known it right away. She was acting more loose and happy, and although she acts like this alot anyways it seemed to be amplified.
    The first visual I noticed was simply brightening of colors. Throughout the trip I didn't get many, if any, open eye visuals other than this but this effect was so intense that I was simply ecstatic.
     We walked to the soccer fields and along the way I noticed trippy little things like the red and white poles on fire hydrants. I looked up trees and I walked by a dog (commonly referred to by me and B as 'Dextro dog' because he reminds of DXM dissociation) He followed me as I walked by and that seemed very significant to B and C. Like he was picking up on my 'signals'.
    When we got to the soccer fields I started to go alittle crazy. The craziest I have ever been. Pure enlightened nirvana. The soccer field is near a small airport for small airplanes.... I saw a small blue bi-plane land and the way it looked with the moon in the evening sky reminded me of an album cover of a band my (former tripper) parents used to listen to before I was born in the 80's. It was perfect. I wish I could put up a picture of the album because it literally has C and B on it as well as the bi-plane, the moon and the grass and wonderful sunset colors that I saw (I can't however because they are a local band from MN and I don't know where to find it online. If you are really interested in seeing it I could take a picture and put it in here later)... It was surreal how similar this scene was to the art and it was too strange... It is almost like I was seeing what that artist saw in his or her mind when they drew it. Or like they looked into the future through my eyes. (POWERFUL ACCURACY)
    I ran and laughed and screamed and observed everything that I could. I took off my shoes and shirt as I ran across the field and the grass felt like the most wonderful loving sensation under my feet and my back (when I laid down). I could recall past lives (believe it or not). I looked at the world upside down and I felt like I could have jumped off the surface of the earth into the ocean above myself. The blue and pink and orange infinite ocean. I felt like for my whole life I had been looking at the world upside down because my ego had told me that that was how it was supposed to be, but for the first time I was looking at it an equally wonderful, magical way. I looked at the world sideways too. I watched C do flips and handstands and it was the most amazing spectacle to observe.
     As for closed eye visuals most of them involved very vivid images of Cubensis in all shapes and sizes from all angles and cute little animals. Completely 3-D except some patterns and geometric shapes that were not very pronounced (not like the other images). I saw thousands of frogs hopping in unison (A few frogs startled me earlier but I thought it was funny). And I saw the most wonderful transforming insects. They looked like grasshopper/ crickets with metallic black/purple/green wings coming from their eyes and back.
     I told B that it was a good idea for her to go off by herself to think and explore (because C was sober, he tended to bring us down and made it hard to think and explore) She left for about an hour. (maybe she can tell you about that later in her own report) She returned after dark in high spirits. Her trip was very intense and I am glad she only took 10g because it turns out she is very sensitive to it. Me on the other hand would have probably been at her level if I had taken 5-10g more. She had intense open eye visuals.
     Through out my whole trip I was on top of the world (literally [it felt] and mentally/emotionally) I was never sad or depressed or for that matter I never had any negative effects whatsoever. It was so spiritual. I could see how small I was in the universe but I realized that it such a wonderful thing just to live, and love, and grow as a person and spiritual being.
    When B came back we talked and hugged and kissed under the stars on the field. I went off by myself for a while and just spun around and laughed and wondered about stuff. It was magical (I said this repeatedly) We walked around for a while as we came down around the neighborhoods and empty streets outside of the neighborhoods.
     I also lucid dreamt the WHOLE night. Every dream I can remember from last night was a lucid dream (about 3 different dreams). It was so easy to just slip into a wonderful magical lucid dream. I dreamt of carnivals and my old neighborhood and friends and strange wonderful things (the dreams had a very psychedelic nature, more so than usual)
    Over all this trip made me think about how wonderful and magical it is to just laugh and love and be happy. I haven't been this happy since I was a child (in this particular way.... Not like a romantic happiness although it was present). I laughed more than I had probably laughed over this whole year and I felt better than I have for a very long time. I learned so much about myself over that few hour trip. I feel like now I can really see what things in my life are like and I see how I can lead a much more fulfilling, probably alot more egoless life.
    I will definitely experiment these wonderful fungi again because I learned alot from them and what like to see what else they have to offer in differant situations. Next time I plan on doing a similar or slightly higher dose (perhaps 35-40g fresh).
    Thanks for reading this. Feel free to comment and talk me about this and your experiences and how they relate/differ, etc. (especially the CD album art thing.)

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