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First level 5 trip

Visions of Hell, the afterlife?

So in my area, there's a brand of "legal", known to my friends as "one hit quit" called Over The Top. I've researched online and found nothing, so I'm guessing it's a local brand. After my experiences with it, I feel confident in saying it's as strong of a psychedelic as salvia or shrooms. Anyway, the first time I smoked this with my best friend, I experienced maybe a level 3 trip, ego death, and finally a panic attack brought on by all of this. About 7 days after this trip, I was ready to try more, assuming that my bad trip was just unlucky and that I'll be ready for pretty much anything now. Brian and I (stupidly) walk about a quarter mile from his house to some railroad tracks atop a pretty steep hill, our usual smoking spot. I voulunteer to go first, and take a pretty good hit from our homemade gravity bong. 


So I take another hit, finishing off my bowl, and start to feel a little "different". Then, it hit me. All of these unusual senses and hallucinations from my first trip come back, and as much as I try not to panic, my heart starts racing and I start to feel traces of my inner Self. Then I come back into reality long enough to barely see and understand Brian pouring out the bong water, and saying "we have to go." As I stand up, I guess I'm in the "tripping balls" stage, a very strong level 3/low level 4 trip. Brian leads me to the narrow trail that leads down the hill, and steps over the first of two downed trees at the top of it. As soon as I step up on the first, I must've fallen over into some bushes that grow there and are stringy like thorn bushes, but without any thorns. The last bit of reality I remember was looking up at a very strange perception of the sky, with these branches crossing my view, so it almost gave me the view of someone who is drowning, only in these branches. Then, I blacked out.

The first thing I remember from this "dream" was an intense feeling of falling, through a shaft-like void, filled with with nothing but rods and beams of dark red light, and this same light all around me. Then, a completely new sense of Self, as if I was not me, but a more cosmic version of my soul, my existence, connecting with something higher. No perception of a physical body. Then it felt like I stopped falling, and I had a view like I was in the very middle of a red, hollow, hexagonal sphere, looking out from it, into this red lit void. The lines that made up the sphere looked like they were slowly spinning, like cogs moving with eachother, and then I felt like I was slowly moving downward, as if these lines were drilling down into this void. I "heard", and "saw" strange linguistic noises and sights, like vocal beeps and boops, in the shapes of wavy lines moving across my vision. There was no time here (the scariest part), but somehow it felt like eternity. Just this weird, timeless existence, where every conscience, living and dead, was part of one big one.

This was when I first honestly thought I was dead, and maybe in Hell, because of all the red and burning sensations. I could remember life, I remembered my love of music, I remembered Brian, I remembered all the places I'd been and everything I'd seen and known, all at once. I realized how huge the existence we all are in right now is, and how mind-blowingly small life and "real" existence was compared to where I was now. 

After this vision, I started to have a dream more familiar to the ones we have every night, but with elements of the previous vision mixed in, i.e. no time, the idea that i was still in the afterlife. 

This dream consisted of my soul and cosmic existence that I was in the last dream, living in the engine of a race car that looked a lot like this: http://www.southtexasdiecast.com/hwguide/images/playset/52577.jpg . This car was on a dark, futuristic, twisting track,  doing laps. the car, however, was in terrible shape, as if it's inner mechanics were terribly out of shape. I was inside the engine, while it's moving parts were moving against each other very harshly, like there wasn't any oil anywhere in the car. There was so much smoke, and it felt like I was exerting energy from my soul to make the car operate, so my soul was pretty much running as the car was, exausted and near shutting down. I could only breathe the black smoke that the car made, and I was doing infinite laps on this track in this condition.

Then I remember seeing the surrounding red light, but feeling as if I were ascending and not descending, and feeling life thrust into my body again, as I heard Brian and another friend's voices above me. I heard things like "no he's breathing, he's moving" and "dude, are you okay?" 

I sat up, still very high, but more like a really strong weed high, able to process short thoughts and mental processes. My friends helped me to my feet, and down the hill, all the way back to Brian's house, where upon arrival I laid in bed, having horrible cold sweats, until I finally leaned over and vomited into a (luckily placed) garbage bucket. I immediatley fell asleep in the bed after this.

I woke up sober, in mostly dark, with a bit of light shining through the cracked bedroom door, and got up and tried to come to terms with what had just happened.

My efforts to find out what the hell I went through brought me here, where I felt like I should share my story.

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