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unanticipated spiritual experience on AMT

first experience with the psychedelic alpha-methyltryptamine

This was my very first experience with Alpha-methyltryptamine and i didnt know what to expect.

After reseaching what other people dosed i thought around 40-50mg taken with lemon juice under the tongue (sublingually) for 5-6mins would be ideal for my needs but after the experience my friend who supplied told me this dose was higher then i anticipated in the beginning and it turn out to be very powerful which is what i like most of the time when im well prepared.
I dosing while hanging out with my friends because i was unaware of AMT's power and thought that it was going to be more recreational which it really was but really wasn't at the same time.

i thought it was going to just provide light visuals and perception changes that would aid a night out which it sorta did at first.
after 2 hours of dosing i figured i didnt really take enough and was bummed because i didnt notice any real effect besides placbo.
so i was smoking bowls and drinking little with my friends and by the time i left which was like 4 hours after i dosed. the drug FINALLY started taking effect.

My walk home was beautiful everything was alot brighter and colourful, the normal effect most psychedelics have but was even more beautiful because everything looked very detailed and different, ahh preception change, hah it is what i wanted.
i felt very clear headed through-out the whole trip, almost sober state because while i was home i was talking and chilling with my brother watching Entourage thriving with the brightness change and perception change..
when i went upstairs i decided to take a shower because i was sweaty and greasy as fuck and something very interesting happened that totally changed my opinion of AMT from be a "meh" drug interms of spiritual content/visuals and turn out to be as deep and spirtual intense as DMT itself..
Anyways i was in the shower and my body started to look and feel really good, i dunno why i was moving around very weird and it felt like a showcasing of my body and i probably looked fucking insane to a sober person lol and was like feeling myself up haha. much pride to be human was felt, i felt beautiful.
my visuals isnt that intense at all at this time, just brighter but my body felt and looked amazing.
I randomly decide to close my eyes and somewhat meditate for a bit for shits and giggles i guess.
And i close my eye and see nothing but the blank and bland brownish/black closed eye scene not even any patterns really its just really bright from the CFL lighting in the bathroom getting through my eyelids.
and suddenly the blank senario started to get very dark so dark i thought the lights had gone out in the bathroom but i did not open my eyes.

A very serious and spiritual mindset stormed into my consciousness and for some fucked up reason i started speaking gibberish and some crazy ass language. This has happened to me before on intense psilohuasca and pharmahuasca peaks as some sort of language with no meaning but means alot at the time because the sounds and um words...? are a deep expression of my emotions and how i feel at the time.

But this gibberish was very different, it seemed to be or act like a spell or something because the blankness in my vision quickly exploded into intense crazy complex DMT style geometric patterns moving all matrix-like and the patterns got soo vivid and intense it started forming
fucking entities which were humanoid-like and they started fucking getting more intense looking and started reaching out to me and at this point i freaked because i was caught extremely off guard because when psychedelic have spiritual content i like to prepare for it so i can get the most out of the experience and i felt unprepared.
So i open my eyes..

2 minutes ago i had no visuals to speak of, when i opened my eyes, there was fucking three of everything moving everywhere in the room, i was seeing geometric patterns everywhere, tiles were interwheaving and it was about as intense as my previous pharmahuasca experience. i was fucking SHOCKED. i had no idea AMT had this kind of potential.
it was weird i still had no ego death and no mind fuck perfectly sober in thought yet i had some of the most intense visuals eyes open and closed.
the visuals quickly vanished as i went out of the meditative mindset and i start telling my friend of my unexpected experience.
The most amazing thing about this drug is that it does not grip your mind and consciousness without your conscent because when you take mushrooms and dmt your gonna trip hard no matter what you do, But with AMT you need to use a type of focus or i guess most would call it "meditating" but not in any traditional way just something to focus your mind i guess, when you do that it explodes to dmt but you can fucking jump back into a less intense mindset at will, i thought that was amazing.
This drug in a sensory deprivation-type environment or scenario would be INCREDIBLE.
This is Now one of my favourite drugs and i hold it in HIGH respects.

my stamp of approval go on to this amazing Research Chemical/tryptamine. I guess simple tryptamines are always best.

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