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3 awesome LSD trips


Alright, so i posted another trip report on here before about my first LSD trip. I loved it (I took 2 and a half hits) and i got acid after that as well. The second time i took one hit and tripped just as hard or harder than the 2 and a half the time before. The next few times i got it, it wasn't that great. I could tell it was LSD, but it was very very weak. It was the same kind i got the first time, but i could only do one instead of two and a half. I was fed up with doing weak acid, and i wanted to get better hits or at least buy more. An opportunity opened up for me when my friend Brad told me he could get good acid off this kid he knew. I was really excited because he said each hit was around 150 micrograms and i estimated that the hits i was getting before were around 30-50 micrograms. These hits had angels on them, and i've never had better acid. Me and Brad got a hit each and we hung out with our friends Colin and Mike. We decided to go to the mall that night and i felt it as we were riding there in the car. i felt very shady because i was tripping and had a sack of weed and a homemade pipe in my pocket. I kept thinking the mall cops knew i was fucked up. But we went into the Apple Store and Mike put on "Chocolate Rain" at full volume, and the whole store was looking at us. This made me kind of freak out but i kept calm. I started laughing so much because of the song, so i tried to take my mind off of it by playing on an iPad. I was playing angry birds but i could barely see the screen so we gave up and left. Right outside of the mall Brad started packing a bowl on a bench  with a lot of people around and i couldn't believe what he was doing so i just ran to the car with Mike and Colin. The visuals off this trip were pretty good, just a more intense version of what i've seen before. I mostly saw patterns like hexagons and multicolored spirals and the body high was pretty intense.

The next time i did acid, i did another one of those hits, and i felt like i could go a bit further. One night, Brad said he wanted to try two and i agreed. we did them and sat in my room for about 30/35 minutes and went outside to smoke a bowl. Everytime i did acid before this, it took a good hour to an hour and a half to kick in, so i couldn't wait for another hour to go by. But as we were smoking (about 40-45 mins in) i looked up at the sky, and it was normal. People who have done acid probably know the feeling you get about 15-20 minutes before you trip. It's an excited electric feeling and you get very anxious because you know you're about to trip balls. As i was looking at the sky, i figured i'd be getting that feeling soon. and i was right, except i started getting visuals right away. I was looking at the stars and a golden star appeared out of no where. It wasn't like a small star up in the sky, but a big star shape. The star had a face and it was smiling at me and i was instantly thrown into an intense trip. I looked over at my fence and it was wavy as hell, and i didn't know what was going on. I saw wavy surfaces before on acid (the sky and slightly on walls. But this time it was everywhere. Everything felt very alive and everything was so much brighter. it was dark out but it almost felt like day. I turned to brad and said what the fuck is going on? He wasn't even tripping yet, which confused the shit out of me. He always starts tripping before me for some reason, but this time i was first. But he took one more hit of weed and looked up at the sky and said HOLY SHIT IM TRIPPING BALLS. This dose was around 300 micrograms, double what we had taken before. I started to sort of panic, and i wanted to come down. I kept looking at things and could only describe them in one word "sinister". I kept telling brad that acid wasn't supposed to be like this, because i never reached this "level" of an LSD trip before. I got to level 2 before, but this was definitely level 3, borderline level 4. Everytime i looked at a surface of wood, it looked like a river flowing which was very beautiful and actually calmed me down. Brad kept saying he was ready for this and knew it would be like this, but i didn't. everything i looked at felt warped, and i thought it was really cool. at this point i was calmed down and i was really enjoying the trip. I went back inside to tell my friend Chris how hard i was tripping (he was taking a nap). He started laughing at whatever the hell i said to him and he said "nigga you're funny as hell when ya trippin". He told me he needed a drink and we went downstairs. I didn't want to wait for him so i went back outside, but to my front yard. Brad was sitting in front of a car talking to someone, which confused me. I was scared it was one of my relatives or something, but i still went up and approached the car. Inside were these hot ass preppy girls from my school (2 of them lived next door) and we told them we were tripping balls, and they wanted to smoke a bowl with us. This really confused me because i didn't really talk to them, i was just friends with the 2 that lived next door when i was little. But Chris came outside and they said they'd be right back and never came back (i found out later it's because they hate chris). But the rest of the trip was very fun. Brad recorded the whole thing, and going back listening to it i said some pretty ridiculous shit. The best 2 quotes from the recording were probably "I feel like an indian chief tripping on psilocybin"  and  "I'd suck this dude's dick for this shit".

The next time i did it, we did the same amount. This time we got our friend Sean to try a hit, and we sold a hit to his friend too. His friend left but we went to a smoking spot near my house. It was at a gas place and we brought my percolator bong. We packed a few bowls and started feeling the acid. Just like last time, it only took 45 minutes. My friend Charlie was also there to sit for us. The trip was very similar to the last one. Me and brad kept looking at the ground and kept seeing these little "people" that we call "the army men". Anyone who has done a good dose of acid knows what i mean by this. It looks like little things have popped out of the ground, it's very weird. Since this trip was pretty much the same as the last one, i won't go into too much detail about it. But one thing was VERY different about the trip. We decided to go for a walk through the woods and we sat on this hill looking over a home depot. Looking down at the parking lot, it looked pretty normal. But as soon as i looked at the orange lines right in front of home depot, the parking lot changed. The orange lines became EXTREMELY bright, unbelievably bright, and the whole parking lot was taken over by a grid of powerfully bright orange light. This was the most intense visual i've ever had, and i've had it once since then. It's very very beautiful. I really want to do acid again, i've only done it twice since this experience, and it's been 9 months. I hope to find you again soon, Lucy.

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