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first shroom trip

insane night

alright well i have wanted to do "magic mushrooms" for quite some time now. i have done them once before but they turned out to be duds and nothing happened. so me and 3 of my other friends decided we where going to get a nice bag of mushrooms so we all threw our money together and ended up having enough for a whole ounce. we defiantly weren't going to eat the whole ounce so we figured we could sell the rest we don't eat and make some of our money back. i decided to stay the night at my friend house and my other friend was over to. we started looking through our bag for our share and i find this massive mushroom which was about 3.7 grams. i played rock paper siccors for it with my friend and won so i ate the whole mushroom in one mouthful. after we eat our shrooms at about 11 we go and smoke a couple bowls of weed. about 20 minutes later my other friend that threw down on the bag shows up and he took his share a while ago so he was tripping his god damn balls off. he was freaking out and chewing on this rock, seeing him freak out kinda made me nervous but im still not feeling anything yet so im fine. 

about 20 more minutes im starting to feel the effects of the mushrooms, the walls start breathing and cool patterns are moving all over the ceiling and walls. before a came over to my friends i brought a couple movies over so we decided to watch "Heavy Metal" which is about the trippyest movie i have ever seen. by the time the movie is almost half over im tripping so hard. i was looking at one of my friends faces and it was all bubbly and melting and then i thought i was melting because i was sweating so much. it got to the point that i forgot what we took and i had to ask my friends, at that point i started to completely lose track of reality and time. the whole rest of the night i was on the ground experiencing insane things. 

there was this point in the night where i believed everything was planned and fate controlled my life, kinda like a programmed computer script and at the peak of my trip i thought there was a glitch in my life and it was just the end of everything but it wasn't death it was just the same thing repeating over and over again. i herd voices inside my head saying things like "don't puke" "just try not to think about it" "it will all be over soon" and "if i was you i would puke" just repeating over and over for what seemed like hours and hours (i later found out that the voices where just my friends trying to calm me). i couldn't move at all i couldn't walk i was paralyzed in this state and it was very unpleasant. i eventually was able to sit up i looked around and then looked at one of my friends and all i said was "hey" and all he said was "hey man" and all of the sudden i just felt like i was reborn, like everything was going to be all right and everything that happened that night was over and i was going to be completely fine. some would consider my experience a 'bad trip' but i look at it as a learning experience and felt like it has changed my life and made me more mature. i don't regret one but of that night.

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