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fun at school

I came to school that day and was unsure if I should take them today or wait for this party that was coming up.

I came to school that day and was unsure if I should take them today or wait for this party that was coming up.I ended up taking the 4 grams(dried) and they tasted like shit, just like all dried shrooms.I dosed it down with some vitamin c pills and thats when the fun begin.
I went to 2nd period and nothing happened yet, except feeling a bit nervous. A couple friends were fuckin around with me but it didnt hit me yet.
When I sat down in 3rd period my head was throbing but then i was looking around and my arm wasnt connected to my body,then i looked at this round table and and it started to spin slowly in a clockwise motion.Then i looked down at the floor and it started spinning as well.A couple of friends were trying to talk to me but they felt non existent to me.The bell rang and i left to 4th period, it got better in 4rth period.
I sat down and looked at a plain white wall during class and for about 10 minutes straight all i saw were a bunch of "clear" shrooms on the wall moving around.As i looked around some more after that i encountered that the ceiling was being bent like a bannana,then once again the floor was going around slowly in a clockwise motion the bell rang again and i went to 5th period for another adventure.
In 5th period i encountered a problem,I had to read out loud for a play we were doing.I was in the middle of a trip related to the things i mentioned when i realized it was my turn to read.I was reading the part and i felt so nervous. The feeling was like i was reading a speech in front of thousands of people,but i read the part right so i was happy.
For about two hours after I saw those clear shrooms. Me and my friends ditched 6th period and went to go get high the rest of the day.That was one of the funnest days at school i ever had.

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